AstraZeneca resumes trials of Covid-19 vaccine in the US

AstraZeneca resumes trials of Covid-19 vaccine in the US

AstraZeneca said in a statement that this document is not an AstraZeneca communication and “we cannot verify that. Also, we cannot comment on a pending FDA decision.”

The FDA declined to comment on this matter.

Second capacity question: Astra Zeneca vaccine twice vaccination 4 weeks apart. As the US trial has been suspended for more than four weeks, it is unclear what will happen to the following participants: Received the first shot, but not the second. AstraZeneca said it expects “minimal impact depending on the trial plan for the timing of the second dose.”

A second vaccination is often “more effective if the gap between the first and second doses is longer,” Falsey says. But she said it was up to AstraZeneca to decide. How to deal with a delayed second dose.

What future plans: if When the US exam resumes, AstraZeneca will complete the registration of 30,000 participants. Tests ongoing in the UK, Brazil and South Africa now enroll nearly 20,000 participants, according to Oxford. However, Falsey said he does not believe that AstraZeneca will seek emergency approval in the United States based on test data from other countries. “The data must be incredibly convincing,” she said.

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