Astrological predictions of Brazil in 2021

Astrological predictions of Brazil in 2021

2021 promises to have some good news, and in many ways, it will be different from the difficult 2020, which is characterized by the nature of the isolation imposed by the Govt-19 epidemic. To begin with, Jupiter is the important transit of Jupiter and the realistic Saturn in Aquarius. It is a sociable sign that is linked to groups and fraternity rather than innovation, communication, social interests and personal development.

This astronomical level provides us with clues as to whether 2021 will further support cooperation between peoples, groups, nations and international organizations. This will be the year of recovery of fundamental values, fluctuations and uncertainties in the economic field and some climatic geological phenomena, with Jupiter, where it is noteworthy.

Pluto will continue its slow journey through Capricorn, deepening changes in the control systems of nation states around the world. Neptune in Pisces receives some important exchanges from other stars throughout the year, which strengthens the sense of cooperation and helps those in need – to be careful with the rigidity and stubbornness of the “owners of truth”.

In this 2021, there will be a total lunar eclipse on Sagittarius 05/26, an important period for international relations, followed by a solar eclipse on Gemini on 6/10, which emphasizes the need for a flexible dialogue between countries. At the end of this year, on 11/19, a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus marked fluctuations in the markets and the world economy, followed by a total solar eclipse in Tanus on 12/04, strengthening the demand for new bridges. Dialogue and communication between countries.

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