At TikTok, men aren’t the only skating superstars.

At TikTok, men aren't the only skating superstars.

Courtney Atencio runs low on the ground, traversing long, empty California streets. In one video, she grabs the Toyota Camry’s back and cruises behind it. Another place is practicing tricks with friends at a local skate park. every time Atencio’s Clips It’s undeniably cool, and it quickly overflows with comments from fans asking for tips on how to start skating. Atencio didn’t start skating or a TikTok account for fame, but as she grew up she quickly found a community she hadn’t experienced.

“When I was 14 years old, the guys trying to go to the skate park used to tease me because I was the only woman,” Atencio said. The Verge. “Being able to use TikTok to show girls that you’re not alone is very important that you can still skate and not listen to all those people.”

Skating culture has found a new life in TikTok. Impressive tricks, painful loneliness, and short videos hanging from local skate parks collectively hit billions of views. The explosive explosion of skateboarding videos encouraged single skaters to re-learn the hobby and persuaded complete beginners to try it for the first time. Women and queer people.

Hashtags like #girlswhoskate and #skatergirl are constantly growing, creating an endless sea of ​​videos featuring girls and women. With a swipe, you’ll find skaters like Brianna King, an incredibly popular creator known for providing tips that beginners can use to get started. skate, As an all-girls skateboard group in Scotland, publishes time skating videos regularly. But many of the creators are like Atencio posting videos of riding alone through their home in the suburbs of Los Angeles, or hanging out at the skate park with friends.

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“There are far more women skateboarding on TikTok than I grew up with.” Faeth Perryman Post your skating videos on TikTok, said The Verge. “I’m not sure if it’s because there are so many girls in TikTok in general, or if TikTok has just made the skateboarding videos more accessible.”

More than 250,000 people thanks to TikTok’s recommendation algorithm I watched a video of Perryman skateboarding along an empty road in Arcadia, Maine, which stretches for miles behind her as the sun rises. The app constantly offers new videos to people engaging in similar types of content. Basically, if you like, comment or share your skateboarding videos, TikTok will fill your feed more and more.

After weakening Late 2000s And since then, the skating culture has revived in the last few years. The success of streetwear brands like Supreme Heavily dependent on skateboard aesthetics It helped to arouse new interest in boarding, and the plague gave people more time. To finally test their hands It, and the remaster of the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater The game caused more nostalgia. The skateboard was ahead of its Olympic debut this year until the match was cancelled.

It’s not like there have been no women and trans skaters in the last half century. Whipped magazine, The men who appeared in the coveted VHS compilation who will be roaming the skate shop and the men who made up almost all the recommended skaters from the incredibly popular Tony Hawk stratagem. TikTok has helped less visible skaters find a more inclusive community.

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Perryman grew up riding a skateboard. Her brother and dad both skated, but still felt threatened by the male-dominated culture. At TikTok, she found a new platform and a group of young girls who want to imitate her style. With 76,000 followers, Atencio says she is constantly amazed by the number of young girls asking what size board to bring.

C, a transnon binary artist, was inspired by the trans skaters featured in the app’s main feed and thought “I think I could do it myself.” C grew up skateboarding, but fell out as an adult. Until the epidemic was outbreak, C had more time to master his old hobby. Jumped in again.

“Skating is such a punk, anti-social thing. In my opinion, it’s being trans and being specifically outside the binary,” said C. The Verge. “It was really beautiful to see these two happening in TikTok.”

Problems that have existed in the skating culture for years also exist in TikTok. Men appear in comments that pose women and comment negatively on the way women skate. Perryman tries not to pay attention to comments, but Atencio claims that the positive comments he receives are more important than the negative ones.

Atencio said, “For every negative comment, there will be 20 times more free comments people are pushing me and saying they do good.”

However, creators like Atencio and Perryman want to encourage people to get off TikTok and actually skateboard. Skateboarding to Perryman and Atencio is about getting on board and meeting others as much as seeing people. It is Atencio’s best friend who forced her to “do what I do at TikTok”. She says she is the friend she found at the skate park.

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