Australian GP almost postponed, Chinese stage in danger of being canceled – Observer

Australian GP almost postponed, Chinese stage in danger of being canceled - Observer

The confirmation was given by Lance Stroll, driver of Aston Martin, who ended up giving certainties on the rumors which have been circulating for about a week in the world of motorsport. “Melbourne is going to be delayed until the fall. The first race will take place in Bahrain. The next two or three months are going to be very difficult. We have a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine, but organizing the first races will be a challenge, ”said the Canadian, in the presentation of the brand’s new car, making it almost certain that the Australian Grand Prix, race inaugural event of the 2021 World Championship, will be postponed for several months.

Now the problem of calendar Formula 1 is that the exponential increase in the number of pandemics in Europe is hampering travel to countries on other continents. If the Australian question was about the mandatory 14-day quarantine required of all foreign visitors, so too is China – the site of the notional third Grand Prix of the season. With an alarming increase in the number of cases and deaths on the European continent, most likely, the Asian country will end up canceling or postponing its participation in the World Cup.

Pandemic could postpone Australian Grand Prix and kick off Formula 1 World Championship

Thus, the previously designed emergency plan should come into force: where the circuits of Imola, in Italy, and Portimão, in Algarve, also come into practice. According to with the specialized press, Formula 1 is negotiating with the promoters the possibility of already including two additional races in Europe in the first phase of the season, to cover the probable absences from the Australian and Chinese races. The fourth Grand Prix of the year, originally scheduled for April 25 but not yet confirmed after the cancellation of the Vietnam stage, ends up offering the flexibility to find alternative routes.

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This means that, without Australia and without China, the 2021 World Cup officially begins on March 28, in Bahrain. If the contingency plan has been implemented and the rumors are correct, Imola will follow on April 18 and the Algarve on May 2 – although, this time and almost guaranteed, without an audience on the benches. From there, and in the best prospects of the Formula organization, the season would follow the normal course, with the Barcelona Grand Prix scheduled for May 9. The Australian Grand Prix, which will be postponed and not canceled at the start, would pass in November, pushing the Brazilian race forward by a week.

“The government will continue to put public health first while protecting our calendar of major events. Conversations between Australian Grand Prix Corporation, the government and the Formula 1 leadership on the Formula 1 calendar for 2021 are underway ”, Explain on the BBC, a spokesperson for the Australian government, headed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, who manages all motorsport competitions in the country, guaranteed that he will give “more details after the completion of all preparations with all parties involved in the coming weeks.”

Formula 1, for its part, ended up having the most enigmatic statement. A council spokesperson only said on Monday that the sport is looking forward to competing again during the month of March. – the second stage of the World Cup, in Bahrain, is also scheduled for March, from 26 to 28. In other words, he hasn’t neglected the possibility of postponing the Australian Grand Prix, ensuring that the World Championship will start in the third month of 2021: either in Australia or in Bahrain.

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Tentatively scheduled to start in March, the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship has several points of interest: the move from Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin after five years at Ferrari, the debut of Carlos Sainz at the same Ferrari, the return of Fernando Alonso to modality and Renault and the first season of Mick Schumacher, son of the former German pilot, who will compete for Haas. With the grid virtually closed, it remains to be seen whether Lewis Hamilton will renew his contract with Mercedes and tackle the eighth world championship title, which would put him away from every other driver in Formula 1 history for good.

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