Australian Open wants to replace line judges with an electronic system

Australian Open wants to replace line judges with an electronic system

Hawk Eye is the name of the system which replaces linesmen in tennis matches, after they have been removed from the field to reduce the number of players on the courts, to reduce the risk of infection in Grand Slam matches .

The effects have been so positive that the organization of Open Australia, according to the sports newspaper MARCA, will consider continuing to use this system.

The newspaper indicates that a decision on this system is expected to be taken in the near future, with one of the biggest voices in favor of Novak Djokovic, number one in the ATP rankings.

The Serb said he saw “this technology in New York for the first time and everything went well, there was no room for human error”, revealing that he was “a person who loves technology and who does not live without it “. Serena agrees Williams, who said she was “a futurist” and someone who loves technology.

Against the application of this system, however, Serena’s sister, Venus Williams, as well as Milos Raonic and Gilles Simon. Raonic justified this, saying that with the obsolescence of linesmen in large events, they are losing an opportunity to gain experience, which they then use in small tournaments. “You need these people for the lower levels of tennis, in youth tournaments, for example, not necessarily as linesmen, but to organize and supervise events, to make sure everything is going well. I think a lot of people are having that experience, in Grand Slams, so I think if you take that aspect out on the pitch, how are you going to train these people? ”He said.

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Gilles Simon said that the system is not perfect, and that it is also false. “The biggest problem is that this system is not necessary either. I played without a line judge at ATP Cologne last year and we had some serious mistakes. Hawkeye Live he can be impartial and neutral, but there are also obvious times when I would like the appeals to be correct, ”he added.

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