Author of ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ on politicians violating COVID-19 rules by hurting businesses: ‘fundamentally unfair’

Author of 'Hillbilly Elegy' on politicians violating COVID-19 rules by hurting businesses: 'fundamentally unfair'

Venture boss and writer JD Vance criticizes politicians for failing to follow suit Corona virus Restrictions when there were business owners Fights.

“First its fundamentally unfair. Well, you have politicians who place locking orders where they themselves do not follow. The Americans are told one thing. [is] Follow the rules, and the people who make the rules don’t follow them, “said Vance, author of” Hill Bill Elegy. “Fox & Friends“Friday.

Vance’s appearance on Fox News comes against the backdrop of the new Netflix movie “Hillbilly Elegy” based on his book. Vance explained how the corona virus lock could harm a Michigan business owner.

“The other thing I take from listening to a guy from Michigan. As a community we have done a lot to make it harder for businesses to operate, and we do not really provide relief to business owners or workers who depend on those things, ”Vance said.

Michigan Small Business Owner Goes Viral Against Locking: ‘It’s Very Different’

Government of California Gavin Newsome, Government of New York Andrew Cuomo, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Regression They are forced to violate the Corona virus protocol – or really have to continue.

Vance mentions a video Michigan The restaurant owner, who went viral on Thursday, expressed his frustration at the government’s handling of a news reporter’s interruption on live television. Corona virus International spread.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Nov. 15 Given Emergency order suspending all internal community meetings for three weeks in an effort to reduce the rising COVID-19 cases in the state.

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Dave Morris, owner of D&R’s Daily Grind Cafe, told Fox News, “There are now 3,000 businesses in Michigan that are closing down every day.” “It’s true that I had enough money to work with my government.

From the first day it was received he applied for the Payment Protection Scheme (PPP) loan. The next day, he was informed that his bank fund had run out. He and his wife have received a total of 4,400 since March.

“They’re screwing my little hotel here. I’m just about shutting everything down and controlling the virus, but I’m not just closing down a small section of the community based on ideas … no money,” he said.

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Vance added pride to President Trump for emphasizing the importance of supporting the working class during the corona virus epidemics.

“This is, of course, the president’s attack on the last two months of the campaign. We need to provide relief to the American working and middle class,” Vance said.

“I do not know what our politicians are really doing, but you can not help that person who is destroying his livelihood, but no one is helping him, that’s what makes me depressed.

Fox News’ Audrey Kanglin Contributed to this report.

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