‘Babenko’ starts meeting for Brazil’s Oscar campaign

'Babenko' starts meeting for Brazil's Oscar campaign

The documentary is selected by Brazil to enter the competition for Best International Film

“Babenko – Someone Has to Hear the Heart: Stop”, wrote Barbara Boss, who began a crowd to raise funds for her Oscar-nominated campaign. The film was shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best International Film from Brazil, but it should see a list of 10 nominees on February 9 and five nominees on March 15. In this first phase, films from 92 countries were recorded. The film is set to compete in the Best Documentary category.

The initial goal is to raise R $ 200,000 by the 31st of this month, according to the manufacturer’s information, and the second R 350,000. According to press reports, co-producers Globo Films and Canal Brazil and sponsors Globo, Itas and Spice are also helping with the campaign investment. The producers say they have asked the federal government (via OnSine) for help, but have not yet received their approval.

Unlike other genres, votes for the best international film are open to all members of the Academy, regardless of the artist’s nationality or branch. However, a member must register with a special commission to gain access to competing films on the academy’s platform.

The costs of participating in a contest of this size for a strong advertising campaign to see and vote for a film without a large studio, according to the same subject, can go up to 200 200,000 in the first phase.

The film, which opens in theaters in Brazil on November 26, is currently available on Netnow, Luke, Vivo Play and Oi Play streaming sites. The film draws a parallel between art and Papenko’s disease. The film reveals not only fears and anxieties, but also memories, reflections and fantasies in the conflict between intellectual vigor and the physical weakness that characterizes his life.

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The feature has already been nominated for more than 20 international festivals and screened worldwide at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, winning the Best Documentary Award at the Venice Classic Exhibition and the Picado de Oro 2019 Award (awarded by Independent Criticism in parallel to the 76th Venice International Film Festival). Earlier this year, India won the award for Best Documentary at the Mumbai International Film Festival. He recently won the Best Documentary Award at the Guangzhou International Documentary Festival in China. The film has also been selected for festivals such as the Cairo, Havana Festival, Mar del Plata Festival, S சாo Paulo International Film Festival, Rio Festival, Tridentes Festival, Aruvanda Festival, FIDPA (International Documentary Festival). ), To the Mill Valley Film Festival in Argentina, Baltic Sea Docs, Latvia and the United States.

“Babenko – Someone has to listen to the heart and say: Stopped” is HP. Brazil Channel. Distributed in Brazil from Imovision.

Campaign link: https://benfeitoria.com/babenco

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