Back to Netflix, read the review Never Again

Back to Netflix, read the review Never Again

When Black glass Came and joined Netflix After an exhibition on British television, the world went berserk with a product using its mythological form to shock and warn of the evolution of technology and the directions society is taking in each episode. It is interesting to see how quickly reality has overtaken the series by precisely expanding issues such as fake news, intolerance and denial through social networks. The culmination of this social upheaval came in 2020, which saw the emergence of the greatest epidemic of the 21st century in the midst of so many polarities. It is not difficult to understand what prompted me to order the streaming 2020 is not back, Looking back this year is very strange for the creators Black glass, Exchanges horror for comedy on a star-studded confusing special show.

With the original title of Death by 2020 (Until death 2020, in free translation) and headed Charlie Brooker e Annabelle Jones, It makes sense to remember this special this year’s events with a humorous sense of humor. A journalist played when we were introduced to “interviewers” ​​who go back and forth, giving effective forecasts in the first minutes Samuel L. Jackson Lived, until Empress Elizabeth II Tracy Woolman.

From there, the production begins with a dynamic character that not only remembers a bizarre moment, but also puts it in the mouth of fictional characters who could easily be in the real world. Since Selfish Millionaire Park Multivers (Kumail Nanjiani), The neglected scientist Byrex Flask (Samson Cayo), The incredible psychologist Maggie Crowell (Leslie Jones) Experienced “potentially common person” Diane Morgan, Each gives a specific overview of the events that took the news that year.

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The decision to show these different perspectives by commenting on the same events elevates the acidity of the text by raising satire, so be sure to remember the jokes at its best moments Port. This is especially true of figures like the historian with intolerant tendencies, such as Dennison Foss (Hugh Grant) And unofficial U.S. government spokeswoman Ginetta Grace Susan (Lisa Kudrow).

Each of these personalities helps to create a ridiculous story – in which someone confuses the US election with the Netflix series – and makes people around the world laugh at those who reproduce such behavior. With a very well-defined focus, this product makes not only laugh at government officials who ignore infectious and ignited hate groups, but also at those who end up doing it daily with their cell phones.

At this point, there can be no better example than Duke Wages (Joe Giri), A creator of thousands of content that is as empty as talks with a false engagement and especially housewife Kathy Flowers (Christine Milliodi) This was intensified by social networks. The printed reviews on each of them may not be obvious yet, but the production is careful not to compare a useless young man to an outspoken racist. Not only is this observation perfect in stud goals, it is essential not to lose humor.

Is interested 2020 is not back Shine when you are serious. It’s not that production doesn’t care when addressing topics like epidemics, but the way the tone changes to address murder George Floyd – A black man suffocated by police without even resisting being arrested in the United States – adds even more force to the message. While there is a chance to laugh at those who perpetuate prejudices or pretend about the reasons for getting preferences on social networks, this thing is handled in a respectful way and reinforces that all acidity in the world cannot mock an issue. As serious as racism.

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2020 is not back It never rediscovers the wheel and never tries for the truth. Even with a responsible mind Black glass Among its creators, the special is far from distracting the viewer at the end of the 70 minutes. However, if “laughter is the best medicine”, it’s a great way to say goodbye to this chaotic year – hopefully – and never happen again.

2020 is not back

Death by 2020

2020 is not back

Death by 2020

Year: 2020

Country: United States, United Kingdom

Classification: 16 years

Duration: 70 min

Direction: Alice Matthias, Al Campbell

Handwritten paper: Annabelle Jones, Charlie Brooker

List: Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Hugh Grant, Leslie Jones, Joe Giri

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