Bad astronomy | Asteroid 2020 VT4 will be launched on November 13, 2020, 400 km from Earth.

Bad astronomy |  Asteroid 2020 VT4 will be launched on November 13, 2020, 400 km from Earth.

Well, alas: on Friday (13 November 2020), a small asteroid went very close to Earth, which was just above our atmosphere: it came about 400 kilometers (240 miles) from the Earth’s surface!

It is smaller than most satellites, even in low Earth orbit. Yakots!

The good news is, it’s so small, it would not have been so bad if it had hit us, it would certainly have burned into our atmosphere.

The asteroid, originally called A10sHcN, was later officially renamed 2020 VT4, Found Atlas (Asteroid terrain-impact last warning system) Laboratory in Hawaii. It was first seen for about 15 hours Then It crossed the earth, which is common. Many times, it is difficult to see the geometry of the bass coming to a close approach.

The asteroid came from the east and is an incredible 6,772 km from the center of the earth. Above the Pacific Ocean. The radius of the Earth is calculated to be 6,371 km, which is about 400 km from the Earth’s surface.


Surprisingly, this is not a record. Many meteorites have been found Cross the Earth’s upper atmosphere and go back into space, As 1972 Big Day Fireball It was less than 57 km from the ground (it lost a considerable amount of mass, leaving a vapor trail easily visible during the day). Others like this have been found.

But in recent years, with modern equipment, more and more misses are being recorded. Asteroid in August 2020 QC 3,000 km from the Earth’s surface, and May 2020 J.J. 7,000 km

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So, if you do not count the asteroids that temporarily (or permanently) become meteorites – or actually hit the ground – 2020 VD4 A record breaker.

The size is about 5-10 meters from its brightness. At the top end, it is half the diameter of the Chelyabinsk impact since 2013. For a given compound (say, rock), an asteroid mass depends on its size, which depends on the radius cube. Since the diameter of the 2020 VT4 Chelyabinsk would have been better, it would have been 1/8 the mass. At the lower end it would have had only 1/50 the mass.

The Chelyabinsk impact had an energy yield of half a megaton of DNT. If 2020 had hit VD4, it would have been 2-10%. Easy to see even in daylight, but still often 50 or more kilometers burned off the ground. The small pieces are large enough to hit meteorites, which is cool. But, remember Did not Success.

From such a close path the shape and geometry of the Earth’s orbit changed slightly due to the Earth’s gravity. It was 1.5 years old, but now less than 0.9 years old. The semicircular axis of its orbit (half the diameter of an ellipse; I think the average distance from the Sun) changed from 195 million kilometers to 136 million. In comparison, the average distance of the Sun from the Earth is 150 million km.

This orbit extends from Earth’s orbit to Mars. Now, it goes from the orbit of Venus to the orbit of the Earth. This is an amazing change!

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As I always do, I notice that asteroids of this size often pass us by, But it only struck us in the decade or schedule. Small ones, cross a meter or hit us once a month! But of course they decompose in the atmosphere. Also, the earth is big and mostly water, which is why you don’t hear much about them.

So this whole thing is good news for me. Find an asteroid in this tiny Difficult – They are dizzy, and move fast in the sky – Every time we see another, it means we are getting better at finding them. They are out there whether we see them or not, so we love to see! Coming soon, Bigger and better telescopes when going online, More warning, better orbital predictions and if you find enough to do real damage, We can actually do something about it.

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