Bad block rumor to bring back the fan-favorite character

Bad block rumor to bring back the fan-favorite character

Disney +’s upcoming Star Wars animated series Star Wars: The Bad Patch It is said to bring back fans’ favorite character from past Star Wars cartoons – More recently, the live-action series. Sinelinks Reports learned it Star Wars: The Bad Patch It will mark the arrival of Montreal leader Bo-Cotton Kris, who recently made his live-action debut. Mandalorian. Katie Sackhoff plays Po-Katana as her voice actor and live-action actor. Star Wars: The Bad Patch Occurs after the events of the “Siege of Mandalay”, which means that the appearance of Bo-Katan fills the gap between then and her reappearance Star Wars rebels.

If the rumor is true, it will give Sackhoff his choice. He recently said he would like to further explore Bo-Katan’s past.

Referring to the Star Wars Rebels’ Montalorian character, Sackhoff said, “I like the character of Sabin.” “I want to see how Bo-Katan’s life was with her sister Satin, and how she lost her sister as she did. I want to know her life with Obi-Wan and things like that, what happened with it, how it happened.

According to Disney, Star Wars: The Bad Patch “Bad Patch follows the elite and test clones (first introduced Clone Wars) Because they find their way into a rapidly changing galaxy after the clone war. The members of the Bat Batch – a unique clone group that is genetically distinct from their brethren in the Clone Army – each have a uniquely unique ability that makes them extraordinarily talented players and a formidable team. In the post-Clone War era, they will carry out brave mercenary missions as they stay afloat and struggle to find new purpose. “

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Agnes Sue, senior vice president of content at Disney +, said of the series, “Delivering the final episode to new and existing fans. Star Wars: The Clone Wars We have our respect at Disney + and we are thrilled to see the global response to this milestone series. Although Clone Wars may have come to its end, our partnership with Lucasfilm animation begins with wonderful storytellers and artists. We are thrilled to revive Dave Filoni’s vision with the next adventures of Bad Speech. “

What do you think of Bo-Katan’s revenue? Let us know in the comments. Star Wars: The Bad Patch Introducing Disney + in 2021.

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