Bar Rafaeli sentenced to 9 months of community service in Israeli court

Bar Rafaeli sentenced to 9 months of community service in Israeli court

Model Rafaeli Bar She was sentenced to nine months of community service in Israeli court last Sunday with her mother sentenced to 16 months in prison for tax evasion, ending a long-term court battle.

35-year-old Refaeli and her mother July conviction A crime that evades paying taxes on income close to $10 million in an incident that undermined the name of a once beloved national icon.

Refaeli put on a beige t-shirt and a light blue surgical face mask and entered the Tel Aviv court. She was accompanied by her father, Raffi, and her mother, Zipi, with lawyers next to him.

Models of LEONARDO DICAPRIO, BAR REFAELI, and former girls may be marked for tax exemption.

According to Petition transaction The two were also ordered to pay a $1.5 million fine in addition to the millions of dollars arrears owed to the state. Zipi Refaeli is set to start serving prison sentences next week.

BERLIN, GERMANY-MAY 23: Model Bar Refaeli attends the Mazda Spring Cocktail at the Sony Center on May 23, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.
(Isa Foltin / Getty Images for Mazda)

Long case made around celebrity models Worldwide income And the family’s attempt to downplay ties with Israel undermined her well-crafted public image as an unofficial ambassador.

Still, she is still popular. TV personality A female Peach Woman whose image is ubiquitous on highway billboards nationwide. Last year she hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

The incident centered around Refaeli’s residence over the years, when Refaeli traveled the world through a famous modeling campaign, topped the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and had a long relationship with a Hollywood actor. Leonardo DiCaprio.

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BAR REFAELI, before CORONAVIRUS, publicly says that he is’drunk’ and does not reveal himself with a retreat photo.

Israeli tax laws determine where to live primarily based on whether a person has spent most of the year in the country. Refaeli insisted that he didn’t, so he didn’t have to declare income for a certain period of time.

The prosecution denied her claim and accused her of providing incorrect tax information. Refaeli’s prosecution said she made about $7.2 million between 2009-2012, claiming she lived abroad to avoid paying Israeli taxes on her income.

Model Bar Refaeli was sentenced to a recent tax evasion case.

Model Bar Refaeli was sentenced to a recent tax evasion case.
(Pablo Cuadra/WireImage)

In a previous appeal, an Israeli court ruled that her relationship with Refaeli and DiCaprio did not fall under the “family unit”, so she could not claim her US residence in order not to pay the full tax owed.

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Refaeli’s lawyers said the conviction proved that she did not deliberately avoid paying taxes. Refaeli’s mother, who is also her representative, has been accused of failing to file income, avoiding tax payments, and helping others to help avoid paying taxes. According to the indictment, she said she had signed a lease for her daughter in the name of another family member, obscuring Lefa Eli’s real residency and not reporting her income as her daughter’s agent.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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