Beef: Exports reach record high by 2020 and exceed 2 million tonnes, says Afro-African

Beef: Exports reach record high by 2020 and exceed 2 million tonnes, says Afro-African

(Photo: Marcello Castle Jr. / Agensia Brazil)

Brazilian beef exports (fresh and processed) reached 2.016 million tonnes in 2020, an increase of 8% compared to the 1.875 million tonnes verified in 2019. On the same comparative basis, revenue grew 11% from $ 6.6 billion in 2019 to $ 4.8 billion last year. The Brazilian Refrigerators Association (Africa) released the data on Friday (8) based on a study conducted by the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Sussex) of the Ministry of Economy.

However, in December, the scene slowed down compared to the same month in 2019. The volume of 168,156 thousand tonnes exported was 3% less than the previous year’s 173,991 thousand tonnes. In addition, export earnings in December 2019 fell 12% to $ 741 million from $ 837 million.

China is the main buyer – to the continent and to Hong Kong – which is responsible for producing 1.182 million tonnes a year, or 58.6% of the total shipments. As a result, Asian power earned $ 5.1 billion from Brazilian exporters, or 60.7% of total revenue from exports.

In 2020, Egypt was the second largest importer of Brazilian bovine protein, 127,953 thousand tons – 23% less than in 2019 – 90,403 thousand tons (annual decline 18.2%), followed by Chile, with 59.444 thousand tons (annual increase 53.8%). In fifth place was Russia, which imported 58.849 thousand tons (-15.4% compared to 2019). Then there is Saudi Arabia, which bought 41.067 thousand tonnes (-4.4% compared to 2019), 44.2% less than last year: the United Arab Emirates: 40.86 thousand tonnes and the Philippines, which bought 13,63 thousand tonnes in 2020, grew by 13.4%.

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“In 2021, Africa is expecting a continuation of China’s buying rhythm and some increase in imports from the European Union, the Arab world and new markets, thanks to the launch of the anti – cobweb vaccine with the improvement of the global economic situation. Says the company in a note.

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