Behind the scenes of WandaVision is a Magnum Easter egg

Behind the scenes of WandaVision is a Magnum Easter egg

A Marvel Studios ‘S released a new video behind the scenes Vandavision, Which shows the process of creating a series with interviews with actors and production members.

However, the most interesting thing is that, at a certain moment, at the same time Jack Schaefer (Series producer and screenwriter) gives his testimony, there is a photo Magnum Pasted on the wall in the upper left corner.

Magnum A superhero Marvel Comics It has the ability to convert your body into pure ionic energy. In comics, the character is interested Scarlet the Witch.

After death Eye sight And events Avengers: EndCom, a Scarlet the Witch It will create a perfect reality for her where your loved one is alive and healthy, in addition to having two children with him. However, the character did not expect an entire world to have drastic consequences for Multivers.

For related future information Vandavision, Stay here The Watchtower.



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