Beirut Blast Survivor Search Entered On Day 3 | Lebanon News

Beirut Blast Survivor Search Entered On Day 3 |  Lebanon News

Rescue teams in the Lebanese capital resumed work to check for anyone trapped under a pile of building debris. It collapsed in a fatal explosion a month ago.

1 month later A massive explosion in the port of Beirut devastated the city., An enthusiastic search for possible survivors began the third day on Saturday, with less hope for success a day earlier.

Chilean rescuers said Thursday that they had found signs of life under the rubble of a collapsed building in the Gemmayze area. A sniffer dog named Flash, brought by Chilean rescuers to Beirut, reacted to the smell for the first time on site.

Then I took an electronic sensor, investigated the area and detected a signal that someone was trapped underneath.

Beirut Blast: In the Chaos

Chilean volunteers are part of a Mexican rescue non-profit organization called “Los Topos” and are assisted by Lebanese civil defense volunteers.

Francisco Lermanda, leader of Chile’s “Topos” rescue team leading the search effort, told reporters Friday evening that it could not be confirmed or ruled out that there were people alive beneath a huge pile of rubble.

“We have to reach 3 meters. This is where we got the signal,” he said.

He detected that the audio equipment initially appeared to be weak at 18 to 20 breaths per minute, and experts said the depth of a person could be about 3 meters.

Lermanda said the excavation crew had drilled through the tunnel from several directions and reached a depth of 1.2 meters so far.

‘Do not give up’

Lebanese engineer Riad al-Assad, who is helping the Chilean team, said Friday that the team said, “I tested it between 4:30 and 6:30pm local time, but I didn’t hear anything, and I repeated it at 8:30pm. Same result “.

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Al-Assad said the Chilean team had been briefly suspended late Friday after working 48 hours of non-stop work.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr, reported in Beirut, said the Chileans have decided not to “give up”.

Coder said the reason some people think they can’t determine if there is anyone trapped under the debris is because there were too many people in the area on Friday night, and many people used cell phones to interfere with rescue equipment.

“A moment ago they used a laser scanner,” she said. “The Chilean team does not give up… even if the chance is 1%, we will continue until proof of life or discount.”

According to Khodr, people are “angered” and are questioning why local authorities have not cleaned up the trash a month after the explosion.

“The obvious thing is that the government didn’t exist,” she said. “They were absent from rescue efforts, relief efforts… as well as reconstruction efforts.”

Lebanese people participate in a ceremony to honor the victims of the Beirut port explosion on Friday [Anadolu]

Lebanon on Friday, a month after about 200 people died in the explosion on August 4th. It has already left a country in a serious financial crisis that injured 6,000 people and fell into shock.

On Friday, the people of Beirut gathered for vigils and prayers. Lebanese troops were briefly silent at the port with their families who had lost loved ones in the explosion.

At another event near the site of the explosion, white roses were distributed to families of the deceased and wounded and were also religious leaders representing Lebanon’s major sects.

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People passing by on the road near the port also watched for a minute of silence, and traffic jammed at exactly 6:7pm (15:07 GMT), the time the explosion occurred.

This tragedy was caused by ammonium nitrate not properly stored in port warehouses.

Al Jazeera and news agency

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