Ben State star R.P. Journey Brown was forced to retire from football due to a heart condition

Ben State star R.P.  Journey Brown was forced to retire from football due to a heart condition

Ben State Running back Travel Brown Announced Wednesday His playing career ended after he was diagnosed with a heart condition, which forced him to “medically retire from the game of football.” Brown, a Redshirt junior who has not played for the Nittany Lions this season, revealed that he has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy due to this problem. Ben is the state coach Said James Franklin This condition was detected in a routine COVID-19 test in September, but it was not associated with the corona virus.

A former three-star prospect Brown did not play in his redshirt season in 2017, having seen limited action in 2018 before advancing last season as the team’s leading Russian with a rate of 6.9 yards per car with 890 yards and 12 touchdowns.

“I still remember the first time I loved the game I played since 4th grade,” Brown wrote in his announcement. “Then it was a game I had fun playing, but when I was a sophomore in high school, my life changed, I fell in love with football, I thought about when I could play and how well I could progress, what I could do as a better team player, that At the time, football became less of a sport and a way of life for me.That lifestyle kept me blessed with the opportunity to play football in Ben State.My first year here was hard at times, but when you love the game of football like me, you put your head down. You’re working through the cast and crew, waiting and watching the Lion’s Cave. I finally got the chance to show what I was born to do.

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Even if Brown’s career is over, training may be his future. Franklin said Wednesday that Brown has been working as an assistant running back coach while traveling with the Nittani Lions this season.

“Travel is one of the most famous and respected players on our team,” Franklin said. “The whole organization is mobilizing behind Journey and his family. Nitani Nation should do as we want. Journey has handled this incredibly well and I know he will be very successful no matter what he decides to do.

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