Benfica announced the national competition Liga NOS

Benfica announced the national competition Liga NOS

1 – Sport Lispova e Benfica clarifies that Liga approached Portugal and Group Desportivo National about the possibility of postponing the 15th round departure due to the high number of Govt cases in its professional framework.

2 – Following the request, 10 players from its squad and 17 members of its staff were justified by the epidemic, with Glob Desportivo National realizing that it was not available to postpone the match, in its full right.

3 – Faced with this decision, Liga faced the imposition of Portugal so that in the absence of an agreement between the parties the terms are met, the game Lispova e Benfica continued all the preparation steps for the competition, especially the ambition for success that will guide their position in any competition. In the current challenging moment of the team, the spirit of unity was further strengthened.

4 – Sports Lisboa e Benfica understands that, from now on, there will be no acceptable justification for supporting the decision to postpone any of the matches played under the coaching of the Portuguese League, other than the reasons usually given. In particular, the assumptions in the specific plan for professional football – are protected whenever they reinforce the applicability of Rule 3 of the Laws of the Game. That means at least 7 players will be available.

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