Benfica face Arsenal on neutral ground

Benfica face Arsenal on neutral ground

Benfica will face Arsenal at midfield in the 32nd Europa League round.

For what Morfootball If found, a match between the two clubs and the UEFA will have two more matches, but in neutral terms, due to restrictions imposed by the Govt-19 epidemic (i.e. travel, entry into countries and periods that do not fit into the compulsory isolation match schedule).

At this point, the potential stages for these two games have not yet been defined.

Benfica, Arsenal and UEFA are in talks and many possibilities have been resolved. Spain, France or Italy are the most convenient alternatives from a geographical point of view, but it is necessary to take into account the restrictions currently in place in these countries and the availability of enclosures. These tournaments are to be played at UEFA-approved venues, but it is logically difficult to select teams for European tournaments.

In this sense, for example, distant possibilities such as Greece have developed.

Both clubs have intensified conversations in the last hours, always agreeing with the UEFA, and the forecast is that in the next few hours, three or four definite possibilities for winning matches will be defined.

Then, in the coming days, the levels of the two games between Benfica and Arsenal will be chosen from those level options.

The first leg is scheduled for February 18, according to a visit to the Portuguese team, and the second leg is scheduled for the 25th of the same month.

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