Best time to see the corn door

Best time to see the corn door

It’s time the air gets a little cooler, pumpkin decorations appear all over the store, and the corn moon fills the sky.

all "Corn moon" Duluth towers above a large metal statue on the University of Minnesota campus.

© Jack Rendulich/AP
The entire “corn moon” rises above a large piece of metal on the University of Minnesota campus in Duluth.

The corn moon is named after the Native Americans. As farmers yearbook. This month was an indicator of the time to harvest corn.


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This moon can be confusing because it can also be called the Harvest Moon or the moon that occurs close to the autumnal equinox. It can be both depending on the year and when the lunar phase falls.

When can I see it?

Corn phylum usually appears in September, but every two or three years in October. This year, you can see the beauty of this month from September 2nd around 1:22am EST.

CNN meteorologist Judson Jones said it was his favorite time for the full moon to rise above the eastern horizon.

“When the moon is low on the horizon, we can make the moon look bigger by capturing the field of view with an object in the foreground,” Jones said.

“Assuming you’re in a city and looking between two buildings or over the skyline, it’ll feel a lot bigger and have more impact.”

Which month is next?

Because the harvest moon and corn moon are different this year, the harvest moon will be the next full moon to appear on October 1.

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