Bethenny Frankel blasted Kylie Jenner for buying her daughter Stormi a $12,000 Hermès backpack. “Everything is wrong”

say Bethenny Frankel It would be an understatement to not be happy with Stormi Webster’s new semester look.

after Kylie Jenner On the first day of homeschooling, I shared the cutest photo of my 2-year-old daughter waving her $12,000 Hermès backpack. that much Real Housewives in New York City The graduate expressed her disapproval for the makeup tycoon’s post in the comments, and she did not hesitate to think about it.

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Stormi Webster was all dressed for the first day of school.

Everyone knows Jenner is very wealthy, but a recent post by her daughter Stormi on her first day of school shows how rich she really is.

In a photo posted on Jenner’s Instagram story on September 30th, a two-year-old boy dressed in black, a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers, smiled at the camera.

The outfit itself was a pretty trendy look, but what many couldn’t overcome was what the pink Hermes Kelly Backpack Stormy was wearing. After all, luxury accessories come with a striking $12,000 price tag.

“The first day of home school!” Jenner wrote over the image.

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The shaky designer bag isn’t new to Stormi, so Jenner’s close family and friends talked in the comments about how great the toddler looked on his first day of school.

However, like all social media posts from makeup moguls, some people have again expressed contempt for school photos, including school photos. Ronnie Star Bethenny Frankel, who had a big problem with a mother who showed off her wealth during the epidemic.

Bethenny Frankel said that Kylie Jenner bought her daughter such an expensive backpack.

Every week we Repost The photos of Jenner’s two-year-old daughter are all dressed up and ready for the first day of homeschooling, and Frankel commented to share his thoughts on the post.

“I don’t say anything about this stuff, but this is the most transparent, humble boast I’ve ever seen,” she wrote. “Everything is wrong.”

After receiving mixed opinions from fans for her comments, Frankl tweeted to defend her remarks.

She wrote on October 1, “I commented on @usweekly on @KylieJenner’s daughter’s 12k backpack.” During the epidemic and the greatest unemployment crisis of our lives, it is a choice.

The Hermès backpack isn’t the only luxury bag owned by Stormi.

Frankel isn’t a fan of Jenner who uses her daughter to show off her wealth, but sharing videos and photos of toddlers who enjoy something better in life isn’t new to the makeup tycoon.

Like her famous mom, a young girl loves luxury handbags and has been presented with many designer wallets in her short life.

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In walking together $1,200 Louis Vuitton Wallet From the beginning of this month 4 baby prada bags Worth over $700 each in July, Stormi’s collection of luxury handbags continues to grow.

And at the rate she goes, she could have as many designer handbags as Jenner before age 10.

I think it is true to say that apples do not fall off the tree.

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