Bethesda unveils new Indiana Jones game; Watch the teaser | Adventure Games

Bethesda unveils new Indiana Jones game;  Watch the teaser |  Adventure Games

Indiana Jones will win a new game with an entirely original story, set at the pinnacle of the archaeologist’s life. The title has not yet been announced Twitter Gives Bethesda With this Tuesday (12) teaser. Produced by Todd Howard, popular for the Elder Scrolls series, the game will feature the involvement and development of Lucasfilm, the studio responsible for the latest games in the Wolfenstein series. No release date and no details on the sites for download.

Bethesda says the game will have an original story that takes place at the height of Indiana Jones’ career – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

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The Bethesda ad comes with a short video showing well-known items from films like Indiana Jones’ notebook, hat and whip. In the scenes, you will find references to Rome and books on elements that may be related to history.

Indiana Jones games have been around since the days of Atari. The last release associated with this character was Lego Indiana Jones 2 in 2009. Not to mention Lego games, Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings have been released for laptops since 2009, Nintendo Wii e PlayStation 2.

The new project rescues Indiana Jones in games and shows a significant break from the latest machine games work. The studio is responsible for retrieving the Wolfenstein series New Order (2014) e New Colossus (2017), first-person shooter games set in a reality where the Nazis won World War II. Both Well received by critics And general.

The open question is the availability of the game on other platforms Bethesda was recently purchased By Microsoft, The new Indiana Jones one that opens up the possibility of being an exclusive game Xbox PCs.

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