Bezos sells over $3 billion in Amazon stock

Bezos sells over $3 billion in Amazon stock

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold more than $3 billion of shares in the company this week. According to the documents With the Securities and Exchange Commission OpenInsider.

Bezos accelerated stock sales last year. August, Bezos Off road Amazon stocks over $3.1 billion after selling over $4.1 billion in stock February. Sales this week have driven total cash in 2020 to more than $10.2 billion so far, a notable increase from 2019 when Bezos sold $2.8 billion worth of stock.

Despite the recent stock sale, Bezos still owns more than 53 million shares, worth nearly $170 billion, making it the richest man in the world.

According to the papers, the transaction took place as part of a prepared 10b5-1 trading plan. Amazon recently declined to comment on the sale.

Bezos previously said it sells about $1 billion of Amazon stock each year to fund his rocket startup, Blue Origin. Also in February, Amazon CEO start A $10 billion Earth Fund to combat the impacts of climate change, subsidizing scientists, activists and other organizations.

Although Bezos has not yet announced the recipient of the fund Atlantic Ocean It was reported on Tuesday that Bezos will donate $100 million each to the Nature Conservancy, the Environmental Protection Fund, the Natural Resources Conservation Commission and the World Wildlife Fund.

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