Biden blames Trump for COVID-19 deaths:’What is it because you are you?’

Biden blames Trump for COVID-19 deaths:'What is it because you are you?'

Democratic candidate Joe BidenTop House Republican Joe Biden Asks to Investigate the Source of NYT Trump Tax Documents Judge’s ruling says Trump’s TikTok ban Harris did not’plan in any way’ to meet Supreme Court candidates MORE criticism President TrumpDonald John Trump’s Census Bureau is set to close the count on October 5th despite the judge’s order. Republicans asked to investigate the source of NYT Trump tax documents. On Tuesday night, the number of COVID-19 deaths claimed that more than 200,000 people died in the United States because the president did not take the virus seriously.

Biden recently announced that he knows that the coronavirus is “more lethal” than the flu, despite Trump’s publicly speaking differently to veteran journalist Bob Woodward in February.

Biden said in his first presidential debate earlier this month, referring to Trump’s response to the president’s question about the number of COVID-19 deaths, “That’s what it is because you are you. It is true. And you-that’s it.”

“The President has no plans. He was fully aware of how serious this crisis was in February,” Biden said.

Trump said on Tuesday that if Biden became president, the death toll would have been much higher because he would have “opened wide” the country.

Presidents often boast of their decision to shut down the United States in January to prevent most travel from China.

Trump told Biden that “we could never have done what we did.”

Biden looked into the camera and asked, “Because someone died of Corona 19, how many people wake up this morning and have empty chairs on the table?”

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