Biden called on the head of the media company to resign immediately

Biden called on the head of the media company to resign immediately

ABy letter sent Useful Gives USAGM (Abbreviation in English) and published by the news agency Today Efe, Referred to as pack desire Biden In appointing new ones Direction Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Radio Y TV Marte And Radio Free Asia, which reaches 350 million people.

“I am serving from the office of the president, not at the behest of a particular president. The new administration asked for my resignation, so it was granted at 2 pm today,” Pack said in his letter. Wednesday.

Pack, a close ally of Trump, took over as chairman USAGM In June Discounted after 2020 Directors Various ‘media’ and people loyal to the former president, who maintained conflicting relations with the press during his tenure, were appointed to his place.

Pack also questioned journalists Perspective Trump dismissed a regulation designed in part to protect the group’s press freedom, and was widely criticized for undermining the credibility of the opposition. USAGM.

He refused to renew the licenses of about 80 foreign journalists he worked for USAGM, Which means expelling some of them and returning them to China, Ethiopia or other countries EritreaTo Efe.

A group Security Journalists (CBJ) Condemned these actions as endangering the lives of reporters, fearing retaliation in their own countries and after working in a government agency United States.

During the campaign for the presidential candidates, The Biden Had already expressed dissatisfaction Acting De Pack and the new president on Wednesday replaced him, Kelo Chao, Who worked for Vos da United States (VOA) for many years, where he was a journalist and service head of Mandarin. Director section Asia Oriental, in other posts.

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The first one Chao Led USAGM Appointed is the dismissal of Robert Riley December Director Da Vos da America, temporarily replaced by Spanish Yolanda Lopez, Joined the VOA in 2015 as the division head of Latin America.

Finally, in the last few hours, he has also resigned as Jeffrey Shapiro, who has been appointed radio chairman TV Marte.

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