Biden campaign faces backlash against TV commercials portraying Michigan tech CEOs as struggling bar owners

Biden campaign faces backlash against TV commercials portraying Michigan tech CEOs as struggling bar owners

that much Biden team On charges of releasing a TV campaign ad last week Michigan While the bar owner is struggling to keep his business Global epidemic of infectious diseases.

What the ad didn’t mention is that the man was actually a wealthy tech investor who contributed to the former vice president’s campaign. He also supported Michigan Gov. Gretchen WhitmerOrdering business to stay in a closed house for longer.

AdvertisingPosted on YouTube on Thursday and aired on CBS during an NFL match on Sunday features Joe Malkun, who was listed as the “co-owner” of Blind Pig, a once popular bar and music venue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Malcoun condemned the economic downturn in his business for President Trump’s response to COVID-19.

“For 50 years, the blind pig has been open and crowded, but now it’s an empty room,” he says, showing an empty place in a one minute ad. “This is the reality of Trump’s COVID response.”

Trump Campaign Says Reckless TV Message Says’Encourage Assassination Attempts’ Against President

Joe Malcoun, co-owner of Blind Pig, seen in a TV commercial recently released during Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

“We don’t know how much longer we can survive without profit. Many restaurants and bars that have been mainstream for many years will not pass this. This is Donald Trump’s economy. “I don’t have a plan and I don’t know how to proceed. It upsets me so much. The only hope for my family, this business, and my community is that Joe Biden wins this election. That’s the one we need.”

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The ad also featured the song “Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys, indicating that the group first licensed one of the songs for use in political advertising.

What Malcoun didn’t say in the ad is that given that he is an eminent “angel investor” for several local tech companies, he is less likely to face financial ruin if the blind pigs fall.

In an April tweet, Malcoun also praised Whitmer, continuing the order to stay at the state’s home, claiming “she’s doing it right,” sparking protests and forcing businesses like The Blind Pig to close longer.

Earlier this month, the Michigan Supreme Court dismissed Whitmer’s order to continue extending Michigan’s coronavirus-related emergency status without legislative approval. The initial state of emergency is expected to end on April 30th, and Whitmer used administrative powers to extend it.

Blind pigs reopened briefly in June to meet strict requirements such as mask demands, social distancing, aggressive cleaning and limited guests. But Malcoun MLive interview He decided to cancel a future live event in the summer due to low attendance and difficult to inform the public of updated coronavirus rules.

Bidden campaign warns about suitability of note:’Donald Trump can still win’

“Now we tried it and found it really hard to communicate what it means to be socially distant and having a live music show, so we decided it wasn’t really worth a try. The last thing we want is to be the epicenter of a new outbreak,” Malcoun told the newspaper.

Malcoun founded CKM Capital Partners in 2013 after taking money from his wife’s grandfather and comparing it to a “lottery win,” and eventually became a “angel investor” for a local technology company, said in a 2018 interview. Click Detroit.

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He has also served as the CEO of Nutshell, a customer relationship management software company since 2014, and under his leadership the company is said to have raised at least $5.5 million from Angel and Venture Capital. Crain’s Detroit Business 40 under 40 profile.

Malcoun also co-founded Cahoots, a collaborative technology hub, and bought three buildings in downtown Ann Arbor to attract entrepreneurs.

According to Federal Election Commission data, Malcoun donated $5,000 to Biden For President in July.

The Biden campaign and Malcoun did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign also pulled out another TV ad after retired Lieutenant Sean MacFarland raised concerns about portraying soldiers in military uniforms in political messages for Biden or President Trump before Election Day. Politico Reported. The ad includes a picture taken in Iraq by Biden walking next to MacFarland, who led the fight against the Islamic state from 2015 to 2016.

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“Many people have speculated that my appearance constitutes the support of the former vice president. In a LinkedIn post that was deleted last week, MacFarland said in a LinkedIn post that was deleted last week, “To be sure I didn’t support President Trump either. I’m not a politician, but this isn’t about me. I’m against the use of uniformed soldiers in political advertising. For generals and admirals. It doubles as I did, even after retirement.”

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