Biden campaign uses’Trump’s anti-Jewish analogy’

Biden campaign uses'Trump's anti-Jewish analogy'

Democratic presidential candidate Joe BidenJoe Biden Omar counterattacked on Trump for rally remarks:’This is my country’ Trump mocked Biden’s appearance, and before the first debate, Trump using a mask attacks Omar, who criticized the United States. more‘S campaign said on Wednesday President TrumpDonald John Trump Omar Strikes Back Trump On Rally Remarks:’This Is My Country’“The use of anti-Semitic parables made all those who hated the Jews bold” Washington Post Report The president insisted that the anti-Semitic remarks were kept private.

Post reporting Earlier that day, after talking on the phone with Jewish lawmakers, Trump mumbled that the Jews “we just need that” and “stick together”.

Biden’s Jewish Engagement Director Aaron Kayak struck the alleged remark, “This is what Donald Trump really looks like.”

“We know that Donald Trump used anti-Semitic metaphors to bold all those who hate the Jews. We should not be insensitive to Trump’s dangerous rhetoric during the holy period of reflection and holiness,” Keyak said in a statement between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the most sacred Jewish holiday.

“This should still serve as a wake-up call for the relatively few Jewish Americans who insist on supporting and promoting the current inhabitants of the White House. Our community needs to come together to do everything we can to defeat Trump in November,” Keyak added.

The remarks Trump reported about the Jews were part of a larger Washington Post story involving slam charges against multiple racial and ethnic groups, including saying that black Americans are responsible for the struggle for equality.

White House Deputy Spokesman Sarah Matthews disputed the characterization.

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“Donald Trump’s record as an individual citizen and president was one of those fighting to include and advocate equal treatment for all,” Matthews told the post. “The one who suggests no is just trying to plant division.”

The White House, asked for comment on Trump’s reported comments, directed The Hill as Matthew’s quote in the Post’s story.

In response to the Biden campaign’s criticism of Trump’s anti-Semitic remarks against Jews, Trump’s campaign spokesman highlighted the president as “the greatest alliance of the Israeli nation.”

“President Trump is the greatest ally of the Israeli state in the White House. Mainstream media continues to emphasize anonymous sources to criticize the president a few weeks before the presidential election, but Americans are true to themselves through the actions of the president to fight anti-Semitism, move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and recognize Jerusalem as the capital. Can be seen. Dismantle Israel’s miserable Iranian nuclear deal from the Obama-Biden administration and sign the historic Abraham Agreement,” Trump spokesman Courtney Farella said in a statement.

This is not the first time Trump has been criticized for his remarks against American Jews. Jewish group last year Accused him publicly Jews who vote for Democrats are unfaithful.

He reiterated similar remarks on calls to Jewish leaders last week ahead of Rosh Hashanah, lamenting that, according to several reports, he did not get a majority of Jewish votes.

“I’m really surprised, I have to tell you because I saw the survey. In the last election I got 25% of the Jewish vote. Here I said I have a son-in-law and a Jewish daughter., I have a beautiful grandson who is a Jew. According to CNN. “But it’s amazing that it almost automatically becomes a Democratic vote.”

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He also told American Jewish leaders, “We are very grateful to you, we love and thank you very much for your country.”

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