Biden says he is “impatient” to know the Republicans’ decision

Biden says he is "impatient" to know the Republicans' decision

“I look forward to seeing what my Republican friends will do if they take responsibility,” Biden said in a brief interview with reporters at the White House, but made it clear he did not intend to discuss the matter with any particular senator.

Donald Trump’s political trial begins today, the third day in a row that he has been charged with “inciting insurgency” by a group of three lawyers hired by the former president to present defense arguments.

On Thursday, pro-democracy lawmakers called for Trump’s sentencing, showing video footage of him trying to make direct contact between the former president’s public statements, denouncing election fraud in the November 3, 2020 presidential election, and meeting action. Hitting the Capitol on January 6 caused five deaths.

After passing the impeachment process in the House of Representatives, Democrats need a two-thirds majority in the Senate, which is unlikely to condemn Trump, a majority Republican to prove allegiance to the former president.

The results of Donald Trump’s political trial will be known early this weekend, as senators on both sides have not indicated they would like to call witnesses to the sessions.

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