Biden says Trump should not get additional information from secret services. “What if I say something?” – Viewer

Biden says Trump should not get additional information from secret services.  "What if I say something?"  - Viewer

US President Joe Biden thinks he should not get his predecessor, Donald Trump Descriptions Confidential information is passed on from secret services – contrary to the usual practice with former US presidents – they traditionally receive confidential information after leaving the White House.

Joe Biden was quoted as saying in an interview with CBS television and radio station CBS Evening News with Nora O’Donnell. As for Biden, Trump showed “disorderly conduct” and proved to be “dangerous” and “threatening” – but the US president did not want to speculate on what he feared would happen if Trump continued to receive confidential information from services. US spy agencies.

I will not guess out loud. I hope he doesn’t have to get it Descriptions Secret services. What value is there in giving it Conference Secret services? ‘What impact would it have if there was anything other than the opportunity to leave it and say something? Asked the President of the United States.

According to The Hill, a digital publication, The White House announced earlier this week that a panel of national security experts is evaluating whether to continue receiving intelligence and updates from the secret services after Donald Trump takes office as president, which is commonplace in American institutionalism.

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Biden was not the only one to agree to share confidential information with the former president. Sue Gordon, an official who served as deputy director general of the National Intelligence Service during the Trump administration, argued in a speech in the Washington Post that Trump was “extraordinarily vulnerable to bad agents.” Dragging the gallon of experience to support observation in the sharing of confidential information: “I did not make this recommendation casually. I do this based on my deep understanding of the threats to national security, protecting our people and interests across borders for decades, and responding to our adversaries using technological means based on our experience. ”

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