Big Brother Spoilers: Triple Eviction Fireworks Shake All-Star Games

Big Brother Spoilers: Triple Eviction fireworks shake up the All-Stars game

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And there were only six.

On the live eviction show, fans received 3 for the price of 1 as the HouseGuests trio was guided to the jury.

David was removed from regular weekly house votes and Kevin was unanimously evicted.

“All great games!” Kevin said as he left home.

It was Memphis who won the’All about Will’ HoH Quiz. Memphis nominated David and Nicole.

“We all knew this was going to come,” Memphis said.

Christmas was awarded the’Ice in your Veins’ veto where the house guest had to walk the balance beam and complete the puzzle.

“You’re my number one and it’s not a good idea to send me home,” Nicole pleaded around the Christmas corner after winning.

At the PoV meeting, Christmas made her decision very clear.

Christmas said, leaving the Memphis nomination intact. “It’s a very intense game right now, so I decided not to use video.”

David was voted 3-2. Christmas and Tyler were the votes he could have left.

“I feel proud and relevant.

Tyler won the’It’s All About You’ household quiz contest, and was probably the most pivotal in the series, with only The Committee members left.

“I think you know I’m not chasing you. I told you it and proved it,” Daniel told Tyler.

“I’m not mad at you,” Nicole told Tyler about his vote for her when he met her too. Tyler apologized and insisted that what he did was a mistake.

Tyler nominated Danielle and Nicole for eviction and won the’Feet to the Fire’ Power of Veto competition. He left his nomination. Daniel was unanimously evicted.

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“I thought my social game was good enough to put me here, but obviously it wasn’t,” Dani said in an exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves.

Chen Moonves also confirmed that evicted guests are not returning to the game.

Tonight’s triple eviction leaves Cody, Nicole, Memphis, Enzo, Christmas, and Tyler the last six.

Reader Warning: Going Sunday Big Brother broadcasts now move to Monday on Global TV for the rest of the season.

Big Brother All-Stars 2 airs on Global 3 times a week on Monday and Wednesday (8: 00-9: 00 PM, ET/PT) and Thursday (8: 00-9: 00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) . Here comes a live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen Moonves.

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