Biotech CEO: Our corona virus vaccine will end the infection

Biotech CEO: Our corona virus vaccine will end the infection

German biotech company Bioentech is behind a leading corona virus vaccine candidate, in partnership with US-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer. According to its CEO, the 90% effective vaccine candidate is about to put an end to the global epidemic. Speaking to the UK newspaper Defender On Zoom, Bioendech CEO Ukhur Sahin said he was optimistic about the success of the vaccine. “If the question is whether we can prevent this infection with this vaccine, my answer is: ‘Yes, because I believe that even protection against symptomatic infections alone is a dramatic effect,” he told the UK Daily. At first Sahin explained that he did not have full confidence, but since the results of the third phase test came out last Monday, everything has changed. By attacking the virus in many ways, the way it works must be fought first by making it harder for the virus to actually enter the body and then by training its immune system. “The vaccine prevents COVID-19 from gaining access to our cells. But even if the virus finds a way and manages it, the D-cells will hit it on the head and remove it, ”he said. Defender. “We trained the immune system to complete these two defensive moves. We now know that the virus cannot defend itself against these mechanisms.” There are still some questions about the vaccine, such as how long the immunity caused by the vaccine will last. DefenderHowever, “studies of COVID-19 patients show that those with a strong immune response have the same response after six months. I could only imagine that we could be safe for at least a year. ”

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The Pfizer-Bioendech candidate is seen as one of the most likely to win the vaccine race, with countries around the world trying to find ways to end the outbreak that has been raging since late 2019. , The Israeli government has also taken notice, the government signed a formal agreement on Friday Get an eight million dose in January It has to be successful. “This is a great day for the state of Israel and a great day to defeat the corona virus,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday. “Today we see a light at the end of the tunnel.” But other vaccine candidates are also promising. One of these is the US-based Moderna, which is hopeful of having a candidate Better or better than its competitors, Its chief medical officer Tal Jox explained in late October that “our vaccine produces antibodies in the body … that is, in addition to a vaccine, our product can also be used to treat those who have already been infected. Has signed an agreement, and the Hadasa-University Medical Center in Jerusalem has signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia to obtain its Sputnik V vaccine candidate, which is said to have an efficacy rate of 92%.The report was co-authored by Mayan Hoffman and Tobias Seagal.

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