Bitcoin Bull Jack Dorsey Retains Twitter CEO Role After Board Review

Bitcoin Bull Jack Dorsey Retains Twitter CEO Role After Board Review

Twitter CEO and major Bitcoin (BTC) bull Jack city According to a recent decision by the Twitter Board Committee, he will continue to hold his role in the company.

By Bloomberg Declaration On November 2, the committee officially reviewed Twitter’s leadership as part of its March 2020 contract with activist investor Elliott Management and private equity firm Silver Lake. Two companies Sat on Twitter’s wild boardirector Through investment earlier this year.

Bloomberg cited the company filing on November 2nd, reporting that an independent board of directors panel concluded that the existing management structure was sufficient. The contents of the report are as follows.

“The committee expressed confidence in the management and recommended that the current structure be maintained. […] The board will continue to evaluate company and management performance based on a variety of factors, including the company’s operational plans and established milestones.”

Along with retaining Dorsey’s role, the committee also proposed plans to reduce the Twitter director’s tenure from three years to one year. The move could make it easier for investors like Elliott to swap board members to take control of the company, the report noted.

Dorsey has since served as Twitter CEO. Founding The social media platform dates back to 2006. In February 2020, Paul Singer, founder of Elliott Management, said Forced removal of Dorsey As Twitter’s CEO, he expressed concern about the splitting of Dorsey’s time between Twitter and the payment platform Square.

Twitter out of the referendum on its own leadership recently Partnering with PayPal and Ripple We encourage free and fair voting in the United States. Companies in the so-called “citizen alliances” are known to encourage their employees to vote on Election Day with paid leave and flexible work schedules.

Late October, Dorsey Participate in the hearing At the Senate Committee of the United States Senate. Together with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai, Dorsey addressed the committee’s concerns about the transparency and accountability of social media content practices, especially with respect to freedom of hate speech and political expression.

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