Bite: If you do not share your data you will be without WhatsApp!

Bite: If you do not share your data you will be without WhatsApp!

It is no secret that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook. It became official in 2014. However, this does not mean that we know everything. So, recently a change was made to the Privacy Policy, which forces WhatsApp to share its data compulsorily. Facebook. It is used Application A pop-up with updated privacy terms has already appeared (or will appear). The new rules will be mandatory for data sharing from January 4, 2021.

Bite: If you do not share your data you will be without WhatsApp!

The thing is, you have to accept them by February 8, 2021. If you do not, you will lose access to WhatsApp.

The new rules describe three key points: WhatsApp service and data processing; Companies can use Facebook services to store WhatsApp conversations; Partnership with other Facebook products.

In short, with this latest update, the opportunity to block data sharing with Facebook and affiliates is over. Many companies may end up sharing our data. More specifically, Facebook Payments Inc., Facebook Payments International Ltd., Onavo, Facebook Technologies LLC and Grad Dongle.

Now let’s see what information you can share with these companies.

Account data, for example, phone number. Transaction data, services related information, ways we communicate with others, smartphone information, IP address and more.

WhatsApp data

Additionally, we may share more information about our location. However, even though WhatsApp does not have GPS enabled for us, they can use the phone number and IP address to determine where we are.

Who does not accept this? Responsive WhatsApp is very straightforward. Those who disagree can go to the online support center and find information on how to delete an account!

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Will this be my intention or will Telegram win over many users?

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