Black Friday 2020 Advertising Scan: View Best Deals and Sales at Walmart, Best Buy, HP, NewJek, Gamestop and more

Black Friday 2020 Advertising Scan: View Best Deals and Sales at Walmart, Best Buy, HP, NewJek, Gamestop and more

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In the old days – four or five years ago – you know Good Friday Black Friday was coming when you started seeing ad leaks. Scanned PDFs or JPEGs of advertisements of major retailers describing black retail deals, mostly grains. Aiming for the Sunday newspaper just before Thanksgiving week, these will most likely mark the season’s biggest “Door Buster” sale, which will feature everything from TV 99 TVs to $ 199 gaming console bundles.

Cut to 2020, and the landscape looks a little different. Retailers are now “leaking” circulars on their own tables and on their own websites to help them beat the hype drums of their holiday sales. We collect PDFs and links to as many of those sales as possible because we want you to get the best deals of the season. We have included links to the respective online stores and CNET stories highlighting our favorite deals.


Walmart still runs a two-part sales continuum between Thanksgiving.

  • The event kicked off online on on November 1st.
  • Additional contracts were received on November 7th. Walmart is hosting its annual tire event in stores and online from November 7-13.
  • Event 2 online November 11 at 7pm ET (4pm PT) Offer electronics deals such as televisions, computers and tablets, Walmart said. Additional deals will be available in stores on November 14 at 12 noon ET and 5 am local time.
  • Event 3 online on November 25 at 7pm ET, Additional deals are being offered in stores on November 27 (true Black Friday) at 12 noon ET and 5 am local time.
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Walmart has released its current and November 11 sales interactive advertising scans on its website.

CNET exams: See the best early black silver deals at Walmart

Best Buy has revealed strong deals starting Sunday, November 22nd. The full ad scan is below.

Best Buy Black Friday 2020

CNET exams: See the best early black silver deals on Best Bag

Home Depot’s black silver sale began on November 6th. The full ad scan is below.

Home Depot Black Friday …

CNET exams: Home Depot’s Early Black Silver Sale: See all the best deals available now

HP’s “Initial Black Friday Flash Sale” ends Saturday, November 14 at 11:59 pm in PD. The full ad scan is below.

HP Black Friday 2020 Ad Scan

CNET exams: HP Black Silver Deals Now Available: Save $ 150 on HP Specter x360 and more

New Zealand’s “Black November” sale is underway. If you buy a product with a badge that says “Black Silver Price Protection” between now and November 22, and its price drops on or before Cyber ​​Monday, November 30, NewJek will make a difference to you. Full ad scan below.

NewEgg Black Friday 2020 Advertising …

CNET exams: NewJek Black November Sale: Black silver prices are guaranteed every month

GameStop Black Friday 2020 …

See also on GameSpot: GameStop Black Friday 2020 advertising and game deals revealed

More Black Friday promo scans coming soon

Meanwhile, links to current and upcoming sales of major retailers are here.

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