Black Friday at Walmart, Best Buy, Goal and Target: Expected Changes in Store and Online

Black Friday at Walmart, Best Buy, Goal and Target: Expected Changes in Store and Online
Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping day of the year, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it will be different.

Of course there is one thing, COVID-19 does not cancel black silver. Many retailers have been releasing Black Friday savings for the past few weeks and will continue to offer them to take you to the store. For this Black Friday, deals are expected to be big, but you should also expect a big difference when it comes to your shopping experience.

Retailers have taken steps to prevent large crowds and fight over those who find it difficult to get hot items.

“Sometimes you’ve going to see lines outside the door, because people are waiting at 4am to pick up those door busters,” said Sarah Skirpole, a shopping and trends expert. “Retailers are trying to implement measures to keep truly secure security standards and staff and customers safe.”

The goal

At the destination, you can check the website to see if there is a line outside the store. If so, you can book your place and get the text when you go inside and come to the store. More information on this is here The goal is to save your space.

Retailers can also be expected to look at hand cleaning, directional arrows to follow, floor stickers and registry security barriers to ensure there is enough social distance for testing. When checking, there will be additional options.

“There will be an unrelated test on your application, you can look with a sales partner at the door rather than standing on the register.”
Said Trey Badge, another shopping and trend expert.

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Buy the best

In Best Bag, there will be a customer experience host on the front of each store. Stickers are placed on the floor and outside to promote social distance. If you need the help of a blue shirt, you will be placed in digital queue while you wait.

Contact curbsite pickup is now available at all Best Buy stores. Store pickup is another option.

Black Friday 2020: From Walmart to Best Buy, deals on holiday shopping are here


Walmart stores will open at 5 a.m. local time on Black Friday store event days. Customers need to create a single, straight line to enter the store. Associates will deliver refined shopping carts to customers. Workers will be placed at the entrances to greet customers and remind them to wear a mask.

During Black Friday events at this store, Walmart will take customers to the store to ease congestion. Customers will be instructed to shop on the right side of the aisle.


Coles has launched Drive Up in Kohl, where customers can choose to shop for free on the same day. The contactless, free service is available at Cole stores across the country. Eligible items will be picked up within two hours at, marked “Free Store Pickup.” The company has installed security barriers on all records and will provide a touchless fee. Signage and floor decals have been placed across stores to promote the six-foot community distance, with a particular focus on high-traffic areas, including customer service and refurbishment.

Holiday Shipping Deadline 2020: Last day for mailing packages for Christmas delivery

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If you are not comfortable going to these Black Friday stores, many retailers now offer curbside picks. Buy what you want online and the item will be announced ready in a few hours. You go to the store and park at the curbside pick-up spot.

“Show your ID, someone will bring your car out of your car, pop it in your trunk, you do not have to get out of your car. In many cases, it’s safe, it’s completely unrelated. I like it, it’s a great alternative. “
If you shop online before you buy, check out the estimated shipping arrival date. Shipping delays are expected as more people shop online, so order with plenty of time for your gifts to arrive. More than seven million holiday packages will be shipped each day. That’s three times more than last year. Ground Shipping Timeline Christmas usually falls between December 15-19, and it may be too long to wait this year.

If you go shopping in stores, the first rule that all retailers ask shoppers is not to forget your masks as retailers ask you to go to the store.

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