Black music occupies streaming movies from “Soul” to “Amerello”

Black music occupies streaming movies from "Soul" to "Amerello"


“White people don’t understand the blues,” says actress Viola Davis as Ma Rainey, a character in “The Supreme Voice of the Blues” from Netflix.
Black music seems to have taken over a series of recent releases. Next, take a look at five options for new products on the theme, from the animated “Soul” to Emicida’s “Amarlow” documentary.
See also five old suggestions that talk about genres like black, jazz, funk and ax – review and listen.


Amarlow: It was all yesterday
Brazil, 2020. Movement: Fred Oro Brito. 12 years. On Netflix
The film was already thrilling in the first few seconds when Emisida sang the title song for the album “Amarillo” at the Municipal Theater in So Paulo. The film mixes scenes from the show, which was produced in 2019, into the history of Brazilian black culture.

Sylvie’s love
USA, 2020. Movement: Eugene Ashe. With: Tessa Thompson, Nammadi Azomuka and Eva Longoria. 14 years. On Amazon Prime
The novel follows a young couple in New York in the late 1950s. She is the daughter of a record store owner who at the same time is rising as a saxophonist. With black heroes, the film mixes with historical moments of a couple of civil rights movements.

One night in Miami …
USA, 2020. Movement: Regina King. With: Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Cory, Aldis Hodge and Leslie Odum Jr. 14 years old. On Amazon Prime
Listed as an Oscar nominee, the feature imagines a conversation between Malcolm X, Mohammed Ali, Jim Brown and Sam Cook in the 1960s – played by Leslie Odom Jr., one of the founders of Soul, and “A Change Eats Gona”.

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USA, 2021. Movement: Beat Doctor and Kemp Powers. With: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey and Graham Norton (voices). Free. At Disney +
A race to the Oscars for animation filled with the sound of jazz. The film dreams of music director Joe, the first black protagonist of a picture cartoon, as a star. But he dies on the day of the big debut.

A Vos Suprema To Do Blues
USA, 2020. Movement: George C. Wolf. With: Viola Davis, Chadwick Bosman and Clin Durman. 14 years. On Netflix
Adapted from Broadway drama in the late 1980s, this feature starred Viola Davis and was Chadwick Boseman’s last film, Immortal as Black Panther. The film takes place in Chicago in 1927, and with the recording of the album by singer Ma Rainey, the singer is recognized as the mother of the blues.

To consider

Print: The corner of the people in one place
Brazil, 2017. Movement: Seiko Gerdas. 12 years. On Netflix.
Another Brazilian touch on this list, the documentary explores the origins of the print and brings interviews with key names in Brazilian music such as Cetano Veloso, Novos Bianos, Ivette Sangalo and Daniela Mercury. Although there is no consensus on how the rhythm came about, the film reveals the reasons for the Apro look and the successful termination of print.

Dreamgirls: In search of a dream
USA, 2006. Direction: Bill Condon. With: Beyonc,, Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy. 12 years. For rent on Google Play (R $ 4.90) and Apple TV (R $ 11.90)
The music, which won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Hudson, was set in the 1960s and is based on the creation of Motown Records. The story follows all three of the Black Soul singers, who have a manipulative entrepreneur and become the voice support of a singer who tries to interfere in the formation of the group.

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Miles Davis, Cool Start
United States, 2019. Direction: Stanley Nelson. With: Miles Davis, Carl Lumbley. 14 years. Available on Netflix
Mixing Davis’ already established images with rare photographs, shooting personal collections and interviews with celebrities – among them Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Gil Evans – this film is a kind of autobiography of a jazz icon, cool, slow and sad in a style genre. The script reviews the artist’s albums chronologically, adapting his life to his personal life.

USA, 2004. Movement: Taylor Hackford. With: Jamie Foxx, Regina King and Kerry Washington. 16 years. Play the teleplay and now
Jamie Foxx won the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Ray Charles in his biography, which tells the story of a singer who, at the age of seven, rose to prominence in his career, sanctifying him as one of the best American music names.

What happened, Miss Simon?
USA, 2015. Movement: Liz Corpus. With: Nina Simon, Lisa Simon Kelly and Roger Nubby. 12 years. On Netflix
The documentary collects unpublished and rare recordings of singer and activist Nina Simon. In addition to bringing the singer’s recordings on and off the stage, the product shows how the transformation of the singer and pianist into a key member of the black civil rights movement in the United States has taken place – much to the chagrin of the title poet Maya Angelo.

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