Blues singer Lady A filed a lawsuit against Lady Antebellum

Blues singer Lady A filed a lawsuit against Lady Antebellum

Blues singer Anita “Lady A” White and country music band Lady Antebellum ( Changed name to Lady A in June Although there were already women performing under that name). Both sides met to discuss how to proceed in June The band proudly declared that the two agreed to share the name. Originally, Lady A’s conclusion was Woman I kept trying to use the name and didn’t care what the band did. A month later, The band decided to sue her, I’ll be completely fair here.Made it look like an idiot at best. Worst case much worse. (Let’s not forget that these are the black women they are accusing, and the reason they first changed from Lady Antebellum is that they finally realized that the old name could be interpreted as pre-Civil War memories. In the South of the United States, slavery is still there. Aka when it was legal.)

Lady A responded shortly thereafter., But now rolling stone Say She filed a counterclaim against the band, claiming that she had “common national law rights” to the Lady A trademark and used it before “all rights to the Lady A trademark suspected to be owned by Lady Antebellum.” (In that suit, the band claimed to have been using Lady A as a nickname for years, even though it seemed to pop out of the situation where people couldn’t write the full name.) Lady A also claimed that all of this was “to her in social media and music services. It claims to have darkened the search for”, resulting in “lost sales, reduced brand identity, reduced value and goodwill associated with the mark”.

The band filed a lawsuit only after Lady A asked for a $10 million settlement in exchange for the use of her name. rolling stone She said she did it only after they decided that the band did not take her dissenting opinion seriously enough. Meanwhile, the band’s suit didn’t demand money or compensation, instead serving to prove that the band could use the name and Lady A couldn’t sue them later (this is what she’s doing now).

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