Bob Iger left Disney in December 2021; Considered to be running for president, Biden now wants to take part in the administration


Bob Iger, the former CEO and now chairman of The Walt Disney Company, has been pondering over his plans for “Life After the Mouse.” In an interview, he openly admitted that he was seriously thinking about running for the presidency of the United States, and says that even if those plans had come, he would have been open to taking on a role. Upcoming President Joe Biden Management.

In a recent episode of “The David Rubenstein Show: Bear-to-Bear Conversations”, Iger said in an interview (recorded on September 11, 2020) that he was seriously considering running for president after the 2016 election, and that he had a lot of “homework” to read about its potential. In the end, he realized, “how difficult it is for an entrepreneur to really get the nomination in the Democratic Party.”

However, now that a run for the presidency is off the list, he is vying for one of the most viable options: a stake in Biden’s administration, or at least an opportunity to serve the country. As he said in his interview:

“Returning in some style — serving our country in certain fashion — is certainly something I should seriously consider … but a lot of it depends on what it is, what the opportunity is, and what I thought. Both are motivated and good.”

Before accepting the role of civil servant, Disney has one more year left on the left. He still serves as the company’s chief executive, and Bloomberg says he’s not leaving until December next year. Company, Among the various mass layoffs after its theme parks have been closed for a long time now, Igar’s successor is headed by Bob Sebek. When the corporate shake-up happened, Iger said He will be Chepauk’s advisor to allow for an easy change.

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Games, Who made significant contributions to Joe Biden’s campaign, Has not yet appeared on any recommended list for the upcoming administration.

Source: Bloomberg

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