Bob Lay joins ESPN after massive layoffs

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ESPN announced the company’s biggest layoffs on Thursday, and longtime journalist Bob Lay was not happy about it.

Lay, a former anchor and “Outside the Lines” host who has been with ESPN since its inception, slandered the network on Twitter.

“I try not to be objective and emotional because I know the ESPN team members were fired today. I can’t,” Lay wrote. When we need it most.

“Enjoy [Disney] Stock price and your NFL football. ”

ESPN cuts 500 total jobs in the largest layoff

ESPN, according to an internal memo Leading office game by Michael McCarthy, On Thursday cut 300 jobs and decided to eliminate 200 open positions in the company.

Disney, the parent company of ESPN, announced in September that it would cut 25 percent of its workforce due to the Govt-19 epidemic. ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said the company had reached its limit during the “Govt storm” and needed to take action.

“Before the epidemic, we were actively involved in how to better position ESPN for future success, while there was great disruption in how fans used the game. The significant impact of the epidemic on our business clearly accelerated those perspective discussions. In the short term, we have implemented various measures such as management and skill pay cuts, furs and budget cuts, and we have implemented innovative operations and production approaches in an effort to climateize the COVID storm. However, we have reached a point, “Pitaro wrote in a memo. Via the leading office game.

“The pace of change is urgent, and we must now serve sports fans in countless new ways. It is more important than ever to place resources in support of our live-consumer business strategy, digital and, of course, continuous innovative television experiences.”

It is unclear who was affected by the layoffs, but former college football writer Evan Michel, NHL staff writer Chris Peters, MLP writer Claire Smith and staff writer Emily Rand were among those who announced job losses on social media.

Since he retired, Lay has been in a unique position to invite his former boss to the move on social media. When ESPN announced a round of layoffs while working there in 2017, Lay honored his former colleagues in the air in a section.

Now, he did not back down.

Bob Lay was not happy to learn of ESPN’s massive layoffs this week. (Brad Horigan / Hartford Currant / Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

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