Bola – Arbitration panel reveals VAR data in the first 12 rounds of the league (FPF)

Bola - Arbitration panel reveals VAR data in the first 12 rounds of the league (FPF)

This Tuesday, the Portuguese Football Association’s Refereeing Forum (CA) released statistics on video referees for the first 12 matches of the league.

Of the 107 games already played in the first 12 matches of the 12 Liga NOS, 534 incidents were reported (average 4.99 per game), 43 of which were reviewed, 95% of which were reversed moves படிக்க, the official note of that element reads.

The CA emphasizes that the increase in VAR training since the beginning of this season has become one of the priorities for the development of referees. , “133 hours of specific training were provided out of a total of 610 hours expected at the end of the season.”

Additionally, referees now have a VAR simulator that allows them to spend more time in the classroom, using championship games that they do not normally attend. In each session, the referees will be subjected to a 45-minute game, followed by 8 to 10 clips each with new moves to determine within a minute, describing the body led by Jose Fondelus Gomez.

As part of its growing commitment to training and nurturing referees, the Arbitration Council has “intensified” its relationship with David Ellere, the current Board of Directors (IFAB)’s current technical director and independent adviser.

The video referee is an English expert who not only participates in training activities, but also periodically analyzes and clarifies the set of bids for professional competitions and prepares a report.

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