Bola – Did you know that there is an athlete Madrid and an athlete Bilbao? (Spain)

Bola - Did you know that there is an athlete Madrid and an athlete Bilbao?  (Spain)

Atletico Madrid and athlete Bilbao will face each other in the Spanish League this Saturday. If today Mattress They are in the first teams, and already at the dawn of the game in Spain, like many countries introduced by the English, Bilbao proudly established himself as the origin and capital of the game. But two athletes, separated today by their spelling and even more substantial distance between them, share things in common more than one can imagine.

British investor Hugh Matheson began by buying a copper mine in Rio Tinto, Andalusia, and precisely because the mine took the game north, especially to Bilbao. Athletics was founded by a group of English workers and students who took classes in the UK. The rule of having only Passover was quickly enforced, but the symbol was Anglophile, especially when selecting coaches. He started by adopting a slow, Scottish style, but will soon become a very energetic team with long passes and consistent sidewalls.

. Dutch, it will have a unique identity for the whole country. The next day, a Dutch newspaper used the term to compare the Spanish exhibition to the outrage of Spanish troops who had sacked Antwerp in the 16th century. Anger, Which will be accepted by all Spaniards. Muscle and aggression have changed football The perfect way to play, The identity of Easter football has become the symbol of football across the country, and the dictator Francisco Franco is using it to dilute the region’s preferences for autonomy. The concept of Anger It will eventually become the DNA of the Spanish language, and with diligence will come national folk tales. We cannot escape the image of millions of Don Quixotes fighting against imaginary enemies windmills. In four lines, The Anger It was with variations imposed throughout history that some renowned technologist, Fred Bentland, developed his philosophy in the Ruhlபben military and wanted “more brains and less urgency.”)

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The Athletic Club Sugarsal de Madrid was founded in 1903 by three Basque students living in the capital as a subsidiary of the beloved athlete Bilbao. One year later, disgruntled members of Real Madrid were inducted, and in 1939 the merger with the Aviation National formed the components of the Air Force during the Civil War, forming the Athlete Aviation de Madrid. Something the club competed with a lot. There is a gap with Basque policies and is beginning to represent the country’s new military leadership.

In 1941, Franco banned clubs from having foreign names and changed its name to Atletico Aviation de Madrid. Six years later, the military association of the name was removed, which gained its current definition: Club Atletico Madrid. The athlete became Bilbao’s athlete, but in 1977, four years after the dictator’s death and at the end of his reign, he reversed his decision and returned to his original position.

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