Bola – Manchester City (England) Ex-sport reveals illegal practices

Bola - Manchester City (England) Ex-sport reveals illegal practices

Manchester City are once again condemned for its illegal practices after the UEFA allowed financial non-compliance with the refereeing game, and the sports refereeing was overturned by the court and FIFA imposed abuses on the employment of minors.

It is revealed in the investigation conducted by Athletic Citizenship It violates Premier League rules, which prohibit clubs from “offering offers in the form of direct or indirect payments to the player or any other person associated with him”.

The father of Brazilian midfielder Gabriel Almeida, who played for the youth team at Sporting and moved to Manchester City in 2011, is in trouble for an employment contract. The situation was reported by The Athletic itself.

The truth is, I was paid, but I never worked. He did not even speak English. They made me a record Scout, There I appeared twice. This is a lie “, reveals the player’s father, who received 1,120 euros a month between September 2011 and June 2012 to play scout at the Manchester club, which is denied” no mistake “.

Gabriel Almeida, 24, began training at Sporting and also worked for the youth teams at Tottenham and Flamenco before moving to Manchester City in 2011. Three years later he returned to Brazil and joined the Corinthian junior team. He currently represents the dupinambase of the fourth tier D series of Brazilian football.

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