Bola – Palmeras suffers from start to finish, but also go to the Libertadores final (Libertadores)

Bola - Palmeras suffers from start to finish, but also go to the Libertadores final (Libertadores)

Palmeiras de Abel Ferreira qualified for the final of the Copa Libertadores de America, despite losing 2-0 today by River Plate in Sao Paulo. The first match was won 3-0 by Argentina’s Avellaneda. This is the fifth time in its history, 21 years later, that it will return to the final of a major continental tournament. Abel Ferreira will try to pick it up Green For the second time since the 1999 remote victory.

The River Plate came to Sao Paulo to prove that the difference of three goals was irreversible. After some draws, Argentina reached the first set piece goal in the 29th minute, with a superb header from Rojas and after a cross from de la Cruz, no chance for Weverton.

Abel Ferreira lost in the 42nd minute due to injury, his main defensive note, the Paraguayan Gustavo Gomez, which was a factor in the instability of a team with less experience than the rival.

The Millionaires It was very stressful and hit a minute to a minute before the break. Again, in the play was Uruguayan international midfielder de la Cruz, this time a diversion by Matos Suarez and submitted by Santos Borre.

VAR saved Palmeras for the first time in the 52nd minute, finding the offside of the battle at the beginning of the play when the tie was tied, which Montiel finished.

After George Carascal was sent off in the first leg, River Plate was reduced to ten again in the 73rd minute when Rojas misjudged the second yellow on Ron. However, the inferiority complex did not kill Marcelo Gallardo’s men, and they continued to press, and in the 78th minute, the referee scored a penalty against Palmeras, in the absence of Montiel. However, again VAR was called Stephen Ostojich, who then realized that there was nothing wrong with the Pamirens defender and overturned the first decision.

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Goalkeeper Weverton continued to stand alone until the end of the game, repeatedly denying the third goal. Palmeras was practically not under attack and underwent an epic rescue by commanders Toy Gallardo completely dominated this second meeting.

VAR will still be acting for the third time, again for a play on Brazilians and already in the last minutes of the discount, but this time the judge had an early decision not to signal anything.

Gallardo, who missed the last final against George Jesus’ Flamenco, is now out of another Portuguese decisive match.

The other semifinal match takes place tomorrow night, between Santos and Boca Juniors, 0-0 in Pompeii.

The final is scheduled for January 30 for Maracan. Abel Ferreira could be the presenter because, despite the danger, he avoided any instruction from the jury.

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