Bolzano was voted the most corrupt person of 2020

Bolzano was voted the most corrupt person of 2020

Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro has won the Organized Crime and Corruption category at the OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Report Program), a consortium of investigative journalists and media outlets. Thus, he is the most corrupt person of the year.

However, it was close to the fact that Donald Trump did not win first place.

“Bolsanaro, who was elected after the Lava Jato scandal as an anti-corruption candidate, used the campaign to promote his populist agenda, undermine the judiciary and wage a devastating war against the Amazon region, enriching some of the worst landowners in the country,” the OCCRP said in a statement. .

“Bolsanaro’s family and inner circle seem to be involved in a series of criminal conspiracies and continue to be accused of stealing from the public,” says OCCRP editor Drew Sullivan.

What factors contributed to this election of Bolzano? The continued destruction of the Amazon is due to the corrupt political choices made by Bolzano. He encouraged and fueled the catastrophic fire, “said Rowan Damon, one of the award-winning judges and director of the Arab Journal for Intelligence.

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