Bong Jun-ho, director of Parasitas, is producing two films, Communist Culture and Arte.

Bong Jun-ho, director of Parasitas, is producing two films, Communist Culture and Arte.

Pong Jun-ho became a world star in 2020 and has received numerous awards for his work. At the Cannes Film Festival he won the Palma de Oro and 4 Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Film for “Parasites” ()Read the review). The film went down in history as the first non-English speaker to win an Oscar for Best Picture, as well as winning popular statues in major categories.

“The basic issue of this film is class polarization. This means the distance has become increasingly larger. This distance makes it clear that it is difficult to communicate with another person. With this film, the classes cover themselves as they are separate from each other. This is the biggest contradiction of the film. ”, Revealed Bong Jun-ho Interview About “parasites”.

Now, the filmmaker has revealed that he is making two new films, one of which was already in development before winning gold statues in Hollywood. The revelation came in a conversation with screenwriter and director Ryan Johnson Web light “Director’s Cut”. Bong said one of the two arguments had already been concluded: “As I write these two arguments, it seems that I divide my brain in half, left and right. But I finished one last week“. The South Korean filmmaker added that one series was written in English and another in South Korean:Korean film is based in Seoul and has unique elements of horror and action. ” Further “It is difficult to define the type of my pictures. The English project is a dramatic film based on an actual event that took place in 2016. Of course, I will not know until I finish the script, but it will be set in the United Kingdom and the United States. ”.

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