Brazil has more than a thousand deaths in a single day and is approaching 210 thousand

Covid-19: Brasil volta a ter mais de mil mortes num dia e aproxima-se das 210 mil

According to official data, Brazil has recorded more than a thousand deaths in 24 hours for the fifth day in a row, with deaths approaching 210,000 and infections exceeding 8.4 million.

According to a recent report by the Ministry of Health, the death toll from Covit-19 rose to 209,296 from 1,050 on the last day, as the country faces a second wave of epidemics as the public health system collapses in the Brazilian Amazon’s largest city, Manaus.

The South American company has reported more than 6,600 deaths since last Saturday, January 9th, and since Tuesday, more than a thousand people have died every day.

The number of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 has also risen, with more than 60,000 infections this Saturday for the fifth day in a row. In total, there are now 8,455,059 confirmed cases.

These figures confirm that Brazil is one of the major centers of epidemics in the world, where it has the second highest number of deaths after the United States, the third highest after the United States and India.

According to the official report, in this country of more than 210 million people, more than 7.3 million patients have been cured, which represents 87.4% of the total population.

On the other hand, more than 850,000 people receive medical treatment in hospitals or at their homes after a positive test.

The death rate in Brazil is 99.1 deaths and 3,994 victims per 100,000 population.

According to the ministry data, 13 states recorded an increase in the number of deaths on Saturday, with the Amazon, the highest peak of epidemics, with the capital Manas collapsing, crowded hospitals and lack of oxygen to treat. Disease.

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In the city, the number of deaths in homes has increased due to the lack of special assistance, and many are waiting in line for hours to get an oxygen cylinder to care for sick family members.

Many states in the country, with the support of the national government, helped Amazon cope with the shortage, and even neighboring Venezuela announced that a truck with oxygen tanks had already left for Brazil.

This is the second crisis Amazon faces during the epidemic, after March 2020.

Another area on the brink of decline caused by the virus is the Motto Crosso in the country’s central-western region, where hospitals are practically overcrowded with no less than 1,000 infections a day in the past week.

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