Brazil is ranked 67th in the world in terms of legal protection

It is very difficult to carry out in a country where there is uncertainty about the use of laws and regulations related to taxation, labor relations and regulation.

Douglas Skinder / Estado Content – 07/31/2011In Brazil, there is no guarantee that anyone who commits a crime will be punished

In Brazil, according to the famous phrase of the former finance minister Point Pedro Malone, The future is not only unpredictable, but so is the past. I could not better summarize the chronic problem of a country: legal uncertainty. In Economy, Harm – and a lot more. Doing business here involves uncertainty about an application Lease And standards Taxation, Malone points out that labor relations and regulation generate often unpredictable costs, not only from an interpretation of the future, but also from the past. Of course this is very difficult Carry on Under these conditions.

When even worse Legal insecurity This includes criminal laws, people’s lives or their physical integrity. In many cases, there is no guarantee that anyone who commits a crime will be punished – when they are arrested. These are two examples of legal uncertainty, which can also be translated as the rule of law. This is the goal of almost everyone living in the community GovernmentCitizens Business Or companies. The law should be clear, enforced, and no one should be above it, and should improve to function better when needed. But in this regard, the country is not doing very well. Of the 128 countries, Brazil occupies an intermediate position in the ranking of legal provisions created by the World Justice Program, an organization that seeks to advance legal protection in the world. Released in July 2020, the rankings record a sharp drop in Brazil, which went unnoticed here International spread, But it should worry the authorities and the community. In 2019, the country was ranked 58th. This is down from 67th last year.

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Brazil in the rule of law code

  • 2020 67º
  • 2019 58º

The list of countries includes not only economic laws but also criminal justice. Current measures to prevent victory over corruption and over-empowerment of the government. A total of eight items. Brazil ranks 64th when it has a legal framework to prevent government abuse. No. 69 in the struggle against Corruption. Even worse in protection Human rights. It ranks 83rd. It will only improve when it comes to government transparency. Thanks for such steps Access to the Information Act, Is ranked 31st. This is not the purpose, but acts as a measure for the development and quality of life of the ranked countries. 18 of the top 20 are high-income countries.

The position of Brazil in some products

  • Transparency: 61st
  • Avoids Government Abuse: 64th
  • Fight Against Corruption: 69th
  • Protection of Human Rights: 83rd

A Denmark Occupying the status of the country with the greatest legal firmness in the world, and following it Norway, Finland, Sweden, Holland e Germany. Exceptions in the top 20, only two: Estonia, In 10th place, and Uruguay, At 20. Our neighbor, in fact, is an incentive for Brazil. As well as Chile, It comes before Italy. Legal stability is not just a matter of a developed country. The evidence for this is that we are lagging behind in Latin America Argentina, With all its complications. Of course, legal protection alone does not guarantee economic prosperity or a just society. But the best laws, when applied, are a beginning to fulfill what is written in them.

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  • 1st Denmark
  • 2nd Norway
  • 3rd Finland
  • 4th Sweden
  • 5th Holland
  • 6th Germany
  • 10th Estonia
  • 20th Uruguay
  • 24th Chile
  • 58th Brazil

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