Brazilian Creative Cities Network – Portugal (Brazil) has been selected for the grant to create the company.

Aberta seleção para instituição subsidiar a criação da Rede Brasileira de Cidades Criativas

The Ministry of Tourism plans to launch the Brazilian Creative Cities Network in the country with the aim of stimulating the economic growth of Brazilian municipalities through tourism and the creative economy. Therefore, in conjunction with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the portfolio introduced a proclamation that would select an organization to help develop an ideological model for the development of the network.

The contractor will collect the information and prepare a reference document containing guidelines, strategies and criteria for inserting creative cities into the Brazilian network.

Plans can be submitted until March 1st.

According to Tourism Minister Gilson Machado Neto, the creation of a network that collects creative tourist sites in Brazil will allow them to highlight key sector policies and stimulate active participation of municipalities. “As a result, he estimates, the development of existing creative and tourism businesses, as well as the development of resources and the creation of new initiatives and management models that promise committed use, integrating people or organizations with common interests.

Creative cities

The idea of ​​the Brazilian Network of Creative Cities is to encourage cities to use creative and innovative capital to promote growth, encouraging the integration of local and regional activities, primarily municipal governments, companies and creative agencies, creating business opportunities, employment, employment, income and full citizenship training.

“With more than 5,500 municipalities, Brazil has the potential to use creativity as a strategic factor for growth,” said William Francia, National Secretary for Tourism Development and Competitiveness.

Currently, ten Brazilian cities are part of the UNESCO World Creative Cities Network, which has recognized cities’ global efforts to sustain the creative economy through tourism and cultural programs since 2004 at the Center for Urban Development Programs. They are: Belom (BA), Florianpolis (SC), Praise (RJ) and Belo Horizonte (MG), in the field of gastronomy; Brasilia (TF), Curitiba (PR) and Fortaleza (CE) in design; Jono Bezova (PP), in handicrafts and popular arts; Salvador (BA), in music; And Santos (SP) in cinema.

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With information from the Ministry of Tourism

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