Brazilian Nintendo Aesop Switch | Accepts prepaid gift card for games

Brazilian Nintendo Aesop Switch |  Accepts prepaid gift card for games

Nintendo Switch Nintendo began accepting prepaid cards to add balance to the user’s account. Innovation opens up a third way to pay for a game, another with a credit card or a bank slip issued by the store in its web version.

Gift Card with R $ 100 for Eshop (Image: Advertising / Nintendo)

Gradually, one step at a time, Nintendo returns to Brazil. The most recent move by a Japanese company is the introduction of prepaid cards with reserves to use within ESHAP. This is an idea that has already been used by other services such as SpotFi, Office 365, cards such as Netflix, Xbox Live, BSN and Blizzard.

For Nintendo, the cards found in Brazilian retailers are R $ 100 and R $ 250. Any amount can be added to the user’s account and used to purchase a particular game, which is more expensive (the rest must be paid by credit card) or subscribe to the Nintendo Switch online .

Until the time of publishing this article, Gift Card Presence will not be used for purchases made in Ishaab that are open on the browser or on a computer. On the other hand, this way of selling games can only pay for the title with a bank slip.

Nintendo has already sold prepaid cards in Brazil

Until the advent of these cards with closed values, Nintendo had already sold other gift cards that focused only on specific gift cards. They are available for games and with closed values ​​(up to R $ 250.79 cents charged) Mario Party), Or even for an Nintendo Switch online subscription for one, three or 12 months.

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The player then picks up the code on the card and sells it digitally through the official store of a business partner on the B2W network, for recovery within the console – the download has already begun.

In addition to a game, values ​​or prepaid gift card with a Nintendo network subscription, the Brazilian player was able to purchase games directly from Eshop through the Nintendo Switch screen in December last year.

It seems confusing, and it really is. There are two types of official Nintendo store to sell and distribute your games to, eShop. The first was useful to Brazilians until the end of 2020, opening only one window to retrieve the game code – purchased only with the gift card. The second is to allow access to any topic without the need for a prepaid card with code.

According to Nintendo, the complete eShop is available in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico only when considered by the United States. Account holders in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru can only access the field to retrieve a game purchased with a gift card.

With information: Switch to Brazil.

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