BREAKING: Floyd Mayweather announces 2021 earnings – reveals location

BREAKING: Floyd Mayweather announces 2021 earnings - reveals location

After nearly three years of inactivity, Floyd Mayweather wants to return to the boxing ring in 2021. The 43-year-old teased his recent return and shared some interesting details about it.

If not for the COVID-19 collisions, Mayweather could have returned in 2020. He wanted to release a cross-promotional event with the UFC and pointed out possible fights against it. Kabib Noormagomedov Or Connor McGregor. However, those plans stalled over time. The failed boxer now wants to return to Japan and bring another blockbuster event for his fans.

He is still in good physical condition and can present a lot of problems to his opponent. Many fans are unaware that Mayweather Tenzin fought Nasukawa Connor McGregor It was a one-sided encounter as Mayweather took only 139 seconds to beat his Japanese opponent.

Despite the chances of his return from anywhere in the world, Floyd Mayweather Has chosen to fight back in Japan. Not only that, but he also teased about some big news.

Floyd Mayweather is back in the war story

The losing world champion made a recent post Video, Reveals great news regarding his comeback. Mayweather’s arrival coincides with the Olympics in the same country. If the focus is on the forty extravagances, be sure to focus more on the events that lead up to the games.

Las Vegas, N.V. Mayweather will face WBA Champion Marcos Maidana in the WBC / WBA Coordination Fight on May 3 in Las Vegas. (Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Speaking of his return, Mayweather said, “Tokyo, Japan. I will be back in 2021. I know the Olympics in 2021 are in Japan, but me and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and my team will be doing some great work in Tokyo Dom. Reliable line, I want to thank you for treating me well and for handling my team well. Japan, I’m on my way. “

He has not yet announced his opponent. However, he will not leave one after officially announcing his return. A fight against Mayweather can earn anyone a little luck. Thus no one will reject Mayweather when he comes to call.

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At the same time, confronting the best within a fighter’s biodata ring is great. McGregor and Nasukawa have tasted glory, and it is time for others to test it out. Who do you think Floyd will fight when he returns?

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