Bree Larson tweeted the perfect reaction to Captain Marvel’s presentation at Fortnight

Bree Larson tweeted the perfect reaction to Captain Marvel's presentation at Fortnight

Bree Larson as Captain Marvel.


Thanks for the last epic Fifteen Update, you can now play as Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Taskmaster. But imagine being one of these Marvel Heroes updated actors. Bree Larson is in that position and shared his reactions while playing Captain Marvel in the game.

“Standing with superhero royalty,” Larsen tweeted, with a photo of Marvel characters on a Nintendo Switch with the custom skin he wears.

Larson fans warn I got that character from Captain Marvel, and he wanted to take a look. His reaction was firm: a tribute to the late Chadwick Bosman, who played the Black Panther.

If you follow Larson’s new YouTube channel, You are well aware of his love for sports, Animal trafficking in particular: New frontiers, When preventing. He is an ambassador for the game and a longtime Nintendo fan.

But she is clearly entering Fortnight. “I now own Fortnite, which has become a great source of connection and entertainment for my rival friends and family. Now I’m addicted to this game.” Larson told Elle in November.

You can get three new Marvel skins Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack.

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