Brexit and EU nationals in the UK

Brexit and EU nationals in the UK

The UK left the European Union (EU) on January 31 of this year. British entities signed the EU exit agreement with the European Commission, which entered into force on February 1, 2020 and provided for a transition period until December 31.

Under this agreement, all nationals of the Member States of the European Union, who have established their residence in the United Kingdom before December 31, 2020, will have to apply for residence status before June 30, from the competent citizen authorities. British in accordance with UK resident status – EU settlement scheme.

Following this agreement, since January 1, the UK’s one-off immigration system came into effect, which institutes new rules for citizens who are not yet resident in this country and wish to obtain a visa in advance. , to work or study, for Example.

Citizens of the EU and third countries will be treated on an equal footing, with the skills and talents of individuals being higher priority than their country of origin.

Citizens who only wish to visit the UK, whether for tourism, visiting family and friends, study visits, short-term business, among others, can do so without the need for a visa .

However, from October 1, 2021, Portuguese people will be required to present a passport.

EU citizens will be able to apply for residence status through the EU Citizens Registration System. You should do this for yourself and your family so that they can continue to live, work or study in the UK after leaving the EU.

Under this law, the UK authorities will take into account the current rights of citizens, including access to healthcare, grants and pensions.

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Check if you are already eligible for the changes: Ready?

Like other services available online, you will be able to perform all of the obligations mentioned here from the comfort of your own home. Accessible to all citizens, the application is made via an application created for this purpose: Apply-EU settlement scheme

Subjects eligible for this status will need to prove their identity by passport or citizen card, proof of UK residence, digital photo of their face and criminal record.

You can confirm the requirements and get more information on how to submit documents in Verification of identity documents. The candidate must have an Android or IOS mobile device.

As is the case for EU nationals in Portugal, it is always advisable, after having resided in a country of which you do not have the nationality, to proceed with your registration with the consulate.

This can be requested by the means available at Portuguese Consulate.

You must also keep proof of UK residence documents, as well as proof of payment of taxes (P60), tourist taxes (housing tax), consumer bills or rental contracts, among other documents.

It is therefore important to keep all identification documents up to date and to check with Social Security (DWP) and Tax Administration (HMRC) to see if your personal data is up to date.

All citizens can access the platform and request the desired service, free of charge. However, we refer you again that in case of doubts and difficulties in obtaining these services, you can always turn to a Solicitor, a professional who will assist you in their formalization and implementation.

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Author: Tânia Fernandes is a lawyer

To note: Article published as part of the partnership between South Information and the Order of Solicitors and Enforcement Agents

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